RMNAAFA Cosmic Bowling, 2006

As you've already heard Bowling was a blast! We had to wait maybe a half hour for a lane but they give you a buzzer so it wasn't like you had to fight for lanes or anything. It was clearly a popular place. Anyway it worked out well we had to wait for a lane as the "Cosmic" lights were not on yet when we got there. Apparently there were quite a few birthday parties going on.

So we grabbed some snacks then headed over to bowl. I won't tell you what everyone scored but I bowled a very sad 57. I was not the high score. I'll leave it at that, LOL. In my defense I generally do better the second game but nobody else was interested in bowling a second game due to time constraints and such. Hopefully we will next time!

So here's a shot from right after we got our lane before the lights went out of Tina, Sue and Angela.
Here's a shot of the lanes after they changed over to Cosmic bowling. Not the greatest shot but you get the idea.
Margaret Kent-Hanby joined us in our merry mayhem.
Someone caught up coming back....
Sue's shirt sort of glowed in the special lighting though I'm not sure you can tell here.
I managed to get a shot of our camera shy Angela laughing no doubt that she's doing better than me. *evil grin*
We did have fun though and there were no hard feelings on my love of gutters. *giggles* I agree with Sue. We should put the gutter guards up next time!
Okay so maybe there was one little pout about my lack of points.
As you can see, fun was had by all and Tina was a great as well as stylish cheerleader! Though I think we decided we needed to work on more cheers about.... balls... bowling balls guys.. get your minds and my poor attempts out of the gutter!Most of us went out to Bennets for Dinner afterwards. I hope you can all join in the fun next time!



Text and pictures on this page by Maggie Short
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