RMNAAFA's Correspondence With Crystal Light

Recently, Crystal Light ran a series of ads, both in print and on television, which depicted fat people in a positive light. RMNAAFA sent an e-mail to Crystal Light applauding their ad campaign, and Crystal Light responded.

RMNAAFA's Letter

To whom it may concern,

The members of the rocky Mountain Chapter of the national organization to Advance Fat Acceptance would like to commend you on your recent advertising campaign trend. Your print and television ads for Crystal Light illustrating large women enjoying themselves and life is very uplifting.

In addition, your statement that "a single digit dress size doesn't guarantee happiness" is equally uplifting. In the real world, most adults are larger then what has historically been depicted in adverting. Your bold move to show real women of real size in a major ad campaign is reflective of your forward thinking and certainly puts your product in a favorable light to people of size. Certainly when people of size see such a positive image it will enhance their own well being. For too long our society has been haunted by wafer thin models pushing products. The bombardment of such images for years has left a scar on society and contributed to poor self esteem, unrealistic expectations and often unhealthy dietary habits.

We hope to see this trend continue in your Crystal Light advertising, as well as your other product lines. Best wishes in your continued success.


The Members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the national organization to Advance Fat Acceptance

Crystal Light's Response

Thanks for visiting our Web site to tell us how pleased you are with our product and advertising.

We're proud of our reputation for excellence and work hard to maintain it. We're continually exploring new food developments and are very optimistic about the future of food production. Our pledge is to continue to successfully build on our past achievements far into the future.

We hope you'll continue to enjoy our product. Please add our site to your bookmarks, and visit us again soon!

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