RMNAAFA's BBWonderland Dance

The BBWonderland Dance was a dance for people of size and their admirers, hosted by RMNAAFA on Saturday, January 29, 2000. The dance was an unqualified success! Based upon the great success of this event, we'll be holding another dance this summer.

Festivities included a great DJ, tasty snacks, a marvelous silent auction, and a series of wonderful door prizes. A cash bar and, of course, the terrific company of RMNAAFA and our new friends livened up the evening!

A tremendous amount of thanks goes to Dina and the dance committee for a wonderful event.

Special thanks go to Dina for getting it rolling and getting the hall and the Singles Connection notice, Susan for the Radiance ad, getting us a deal on a DJ, all the news releases, luminaria, and volunteering her son Evan and his friend Winston for decorating. Sherry Goodwin for her generous donation of the silent action items, table clothes, candles and helping Dina find the dance hall. Leslie for her work in putting the silent action baskets together, getting the silent action organized, supplying the door prizes, being in charge of the wonderful decorations, buying the munchies at Costco, sending out something like 200 e mails notices to AOL members, getting the color copies made and setting up the website for the dance. Angela for making those beautiful tickets, supplying the helium for the balloons and collecting the cash. Margaret, Margaret Mary, Lisa, Janet, Debbie, helped with decorating Friday night. Jean Marie and Jan Belle came early Saturday night to help with last minute details.

Thanks to everyone that lent extension cords and lights. If your names were on them we will get them to you at the next meeting. If you need them back before then call me. Thanks to everyone that helped man the front desk. And special thanks to those that donated money.

We did really well for our first dance. We learned a lot and met some great new people. We are confident that our next dance will be an even bigger success!

Here are some photos from this wonderful event:

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