Jan Marie's Letter To The Editor

RE: Rocky Mountain News Spotlight, 9-7-99

So here we go again, a "new" program making money off of fat people ($3,000 per year) by telling us what we already know: exercise, eat wisely, pay attention to what's going on emotionally.

I'm a fat person, formerly fatter; I have gone from a size 26-28 to a size 20-22. Would you like to learn from my experience? I won't ask you to come to a workshop or buy a book or do anything else to make money from you.

For the past five years, I have been walking or swimming five hours a week. I eat nutritiously. I don't drink alcohol, pop or caffeine, I don't smoke and I don't take anti-depressants (I mention this because to be truly drug-free in today's society is a radical choice).

So here's my advice: Get physical exercise. In matters of taste, chose nutrition. In matters of nutrition, choose taste. Enjoy yourself, own and express your feelings, buy nice clothes that fit you NOW, and don't leave yourself out of anything!

What has been the result? I lost weight, kept it off, and my weight has stayed in the same 10 pound range for the past year.

I know that my present size of 20-22 is NORMAL for me, and I celebrate me, but many see me as UNHEALTHY because I'm still FAT. Never mind that I can walk for hours, I can do stairs and hills, and I can lift and carry.

Fat makes money! If we get every fat person buying information at least monthly about the latest weight choice approach, just think of the money to be made! Wake up everyone! Spend your money on healthy habits and enjoying life to the fullest.

And to the rest of the world: I can hold up my half of the sky, so move over and make room for me. And no, I won't pay you to tell me something I already know in a vain attempt to make me something that I will never be! The true transformation is acceptance. And that's free.

Jan Marie Belle
1727 South Decatur Street
Denver Colorado 80219

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