Living Large And Loving It!

"Living Large and Loving It!" (LLLI) is a bimonthly video magazine dedicated to fat acceptance, and to the audience made up of large men and women. A video magazine is just like a print magazine, except that the subscriber receives a video cassette in the mail rather than a book. Our subscribers will receive 6 video tapes a year packed with stories for, by, and about large people. Each tape will be one hour in length. We will cover a spectrum of issues relevant to the large audience: fashion, health, workplace issues, legislation, travel, self-acceptance, size-friendly and size-unfriendly business profiles, and interviews with large successful people. We will provide our subscribers with the encouragement they need to accept themselves as they are, with skills to cope with discrimination and limitations placed upon them by others, and with the resources to enjoy a full, rich life, regardless of their size.

Weight issues are addressed in other video, but LLLI offers a unique editorial perspective: the idea that it is OK to be fat.

As mentioned above, "Living Large And Loving It!" will have 6 issues a year. Each issue will be mailed to the subscriber via U.S. Mail. The approximate cost of each issue to the subscriber will be $15.00. It is not, however, planned at this time to sell individual issues. Rather, the magazine will be sold on a subscription basis for a cost of $90 for a one-year subscription.

LLLI has plans to distribute a free or near-free sample tape, which essentially is a "mini issue" of the magazine, introducing size acceptance, laying down our editorial philosophy, and covering some basic important resources.

An open letter from the producers of LLLI

LLLI was, at the risk of seeming imodest, a tremendous idea. Unfortunately, it was an idea that never quite got of the ground (mostly for a lack of capital). It is our understanding that a Canadian production company is now pursuing a similar idea (although it may be broadcast or cable, rather than a subscription magazine--our information is sketchy). We wish them well. In fact, if anyone wants to pursue this idea, especially as a subsciption video, we would applaud their efforts. Heck, we'd even share information we had gathered for our business plan. If you want to "talk" about LLLI, or anything else related to fat acceptance, drop us a line.

The Fat Person's Home Page isn'tgoing away. We'll try to do some of the things in this media that we had hoped to do with LLLI, although our breadth cannot be as great. Keep up the good fight! It's still OK to be fat!