RMNAAFA (e-)Mailing List Policy

I. Introduction

RMNAAFA is a humans rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. This mailing list is an extension of and a resource for the NAAFA chapter. Consequently, the content of this list should be in keeping with the goals of this organization.

Because the organization involves support and advocacy, a friendly, informal tone should be maintained on the list. That is, it is not necessary to restrict the list strictly to chapter business. In fact, the list should be a place where people can share their personal challenges and triumphs, as that is part of our support and advocacy function. The list should be a place where you can feel comfortable to come to share your feelings, especially feelings about being a fat person in a thin obsessed society. Beyond this, the list serves to enforce a sense of togetherness among our members, which is in the best interest of the chapter.

Thus, a certain amount of friendly "chatter" is allowed and encouraged on this list. But, there are certain behaviors and topics which are at odds with the stated goals of the chapter, and these need to be discouraged.

II. Violations

Postings of the following nature shall be considered in violation of RMNAAFA OneList Policy.

  1. Personal attacks

    Members should feel free to express their opinions and ideas without fear of being attacked. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. It is expected that the members of the list can disagree about topics of discussion, or strategies for activism, while still remaining civil to one another.

  2. Vulgarity and Sexual Content

    Although the members of the RMNAAFA list are primarily adults, the list content should be considered "PG 13". This is not to preclude the occasional flirtatious remark or innuendo, but material of a sexually explicit or graphic nature will not be allowed.

  3. Diet Talk And Commercial Solicitation

    A valid function of the list is to allow fat people in the Rocky Mountain region to share information about fat friendly businesses, products, and services. The list is not intended, however, as an advertising mechanism. More importantly, products or services which are not of a fat friendly nature will not be promoted through this list.

  4. Copyrights

    It is not the policy of RMNAAFA to distribute copyrighted material without the owner's consent. Quotations can be made, however, from copyrighted documents if the quotation is in the context of a review or critique of the document. Wherever possible, however, the list should instead reference the original document. For example, a document which was found on the web is better referenced as a link rather than quoted in it's entirety.

III. Penalty For Violation

The severity for violating the posting policy of the RMNAAFA mailing list will depend both upon the intent and the frequency of the violation.

  1. First Offense

    The penalty for a first offense will be a one week suspension from the list.

  2. Second Offense

    The penalty for a second offense will be a one month suspension from the list.

  3. Third Offense

    The penalty for a third offense will be permanent removal from the list.

  4. Clear Intent

    If it is the clear intent of the poster to violate the RMNAAFA posting policy, an immediate and permanent ban may be instituted upon the first offense. As an example, if you've come to the list to sell HerbaLife, you won't get a second chance. If you have to ask why, read the NAAFA charter.

IV. Enforcement and Appeals

The owner of the RMNAAFA list has administrative authority over the list. That is, he has the power to add, remove, or ban other individuals. Thus, it is inevitable that he will have the responsibility to enforce this policy.

Bans from the list will be at the discretion of the list administrator/owner. In the event that a decision is considered unfair or inappropriate, it may be appealed to the RMNAAFA elected officers.

Direct questions, concerns, or appeals to the webmaster or the elected board.