RMNAAFA's Trip To Fat City

On Saturday, November 18, 2000, RMNAAFA had a bowling outing at Fat City in Littleton, CO. A great time, once again, was had by all.

 We arrived at the scheduled time of 2 p.m, but were a little dismayed to discover that we wouldn't be able to get a pair of lanes together for 45 minutes. So, I and Nick went down to the "ball house" (OK, it's called the clubhouse, I guess) to kill some time. This is quite the place. There are a ton of small (baseball sized) foam balls all over the place. The balls are light enough to be blown around by air hoses, and soft enough that they don't sting if you get hit by one (think "Nerf"). There are a various number of clever devices in the house which shoot the balls at other kids in the house, throw the balls up in the air, let you vacuum them up, send them up in a fountain, dump them on everyone's head, float them on a cushion of air, etc. Leslie and her friend Jason joined Nick and I in the house, acting like we were all kids until it was about time to bowl. 

(My) Debbie joined us by the time it was time to bowl. Patti Kelly, Margaret, Debbie, and I were on one team, while Jason, Leslie, Angela, Margaret Mary, and Nick formed the other team. This was Nick's first time bowling without bumpers, and I owe everyone a vote of thanks for your patience and encouragement. Actually, everyone bowled better this time than last, but none of us are exactly ready for the state tournament ;^). 
This is an interesting place to bowl. The lanes are darkened, with some a kind of fluorescent black light on the bowling area. There is fluorescent paint used for the lane markings, and the house balls are also fluorescent, as are the house shoes. So, it's a glow in the dark bowling happening. That, combined with the usual RMNAAFA silliness (we always seem to laugh a lot when we are together), made for a memorable experience.
After bowling, we walked down to the inside miniature golf course. Margaret and Angela didn't join us, but the rest of us had a relaxing time shooting 18 easy holes. Again, our standard frivolity enhanced the experience.

 Debbie Brown and JanMarie also dropped by for a while, although they didn't join us for bowling or golf. It was still good to see them. 

After golf, we sort of split up. Debbie and Nick and I hung out for a while more.

 While Nick terrorized the ball house, Debbie and I tried out the virtual reality roller coaster. This is the larger one, that is white on the outside, and looks vaguely like the space shuttle. The entire "vehicle" is rocked back and forth by external hydraulics, to give a simulator-like ride.


Inside the ride, a screen at the front of the vehicle shows a short film, which is coordinated with the vehicle's hydraulics. The ride is pretty rough, but is a great deal of fun. The illusion of being on a space coaster is actually pretty good. The seating was actually very fat friendly. All of the seats were benches (no buckets). There are no seat restraints. You have to hold on to a safety bar with both hands (and you have to hold on tight). You get jostled on the ride, but at lest you can sit comfortably and brace yourself. Make sure the stuff in your pockets are secure though (I almost lost my cell phone!).

 There are plenty of things we didn't get to try out while at Fat City. Leslie said she would have done Laser Tag with us, but her ankle was starting to act up. There are also plenty of arcade games, another virtual reality coaster, air hockey, a virtual driving range, laser shooting gallery, and more. I guess we'll just have to go back!

 Joe Obrin

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