Membership Application

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance
Personal Information--Tell us about yourself.
Name: ______________________________ 
Phone number(s): ______________________________ 
e-mail: ______________________________ 
Best time of day to call? ______________________________ 
Address: ______________________________ 
City and Zip Code: ______________________________ 
Occupation: ______________________________ 
Do you need transportation to events? Yes __________ No __________ 
Are you a member (dues paid current) of the national organization?  Yes __________ No __________ 
Activities--NAAFA's mission is Support, Education, and Advocacy.
What kind of activities will you participate in?
Check all that apply.
___ membership meetings with a meal
___ planning meetings
___ dances
___ pool parties
___ clothing swap
___ public activism events
___ house parties (attending)
___ activism letter writing parties
___ house parties (hosting)
What membership meals do you prefer?
___ weekend luncheons
___ weekday dinners
___ no preference
What special talents or hobbies do you have that you would like to share with the membership?
Volunteering--The Heart of a Non-Profit Organization.
I am willing to (check all that apply):
Make phone calls to members about upcoming events ___
Event production (scouting locations, etc.) ___
Provide a ride for a member to an event ___
Help with a mailing (stuffing envelopes, etc.) ___
Advertising (put up flyers, etc.) ___
Give a presentation on a fat-related topic at a meeting ___
For Chapter Use
Dues Paid: Amt: _____ Date: _____ Initials: _____