Our chapter had a friendly little BBQ on June 17, 2000. There may be some pictures posted here from it. I didn't take many, but Debbie and Patti both did, so we'll see what develops. In the mean time, here are some kind comments from our guests:

 Had a GREAT time at Joe's today. We kept things indoors since there had been rain before and it was still cool and wet outside. All the food was great! We had so much good stuff to eat. The thing that was the most fun to eat was snow cones! Debi has an ice shaver and had all the snow cone cups and flavored toppings. We all got to enjoy those cool summer treats from our youth. Yummy. Several of us used the cherry snow cone syrup to make cherry cokes. That was really good too.

 We had a lot of time for talking and having fun and laughs. We had a couple more ideas for the chapter skit. We were thinking of dressing Jeff up as "Batman" only renaming him "Fatman" and then we could all sing the song "Batman", with the words changed to "Fatman" as he weaved around the stage. Jan Marie recommended singing "Big Girls Don't Cry". Joe still likes changing "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" To "Thank heaven for Big fat Girls". Angela and I have been playing around with the idea of the song from South Pacific "One Hundred and Ten" to "Three Hundred and Ten".

 We all took turns on Karaoke, except for Jeff who left around 8:30 or 9:00. We had a blast! Debi and Joe even sang some duets, as did Leslie and Angela. Debi and Joe were so cute singing "I Got You Babe"!

The Obrins were fabulous hosts. It was so much fun. It was worth staying out this late!


 Well, I had SUCH a good time at the BBQ I must put in my two cents' worth:

 Joe did a fabulous job mixing three long party tapes of music he got from his computer connections. Something for everyone, all requests handled, and very creative segues! We enjoyed listening to the music, trying to guess what would come next, trying to anticiapte--what was Joe's mind doing?

 Joe was very modest about all the work making the tapes required: We asked "how long" and he said "oh, a couple of nights, and then I got more and more into it..." LOTS of hours and thought went into the tapes, and it showed.

Now we are spoiled, of course, and will expect Joe to be the party tape master for every event! I would not mind listening to these tapes again, maybe at the pool party? Those who couldn't make the BBQ will surely enjoy them.

 Debbi is such a gracious hostess. She managed the BBQ process, including bratwurst, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken. Joe was banished from the BBQ for almost setting the yard on fire and burning the meat at some memorable time in the past (Debbie has pictures to prove it!).

We had lots of trimmings including cake and brownies, a wonderful fruit and custard pie, fruit salad, BBQ baked beans, pasta salad, etc. And Debbie's jalepaneo cheese dip was to die for! I didn't know who all brought what, but together, it was the most friendly and delicious feast.

 I most enjoyed the time to talk with each other about whodunits, talk current events. It was so intersting to share opinions and insights.

 We also went through some of Debbie's albums, really like miniature books, of their life together--meeting Joe, The Wedding, Nick's birth, trips to Disneyland and Sea World and Uiversal studios tour. I know it takes A LOT of time to put together albums like that! Seeing the albums and getting the "cook's tour" of the house helped me get to know them, put Joe and Debbie in context with the past and the future.

 The singing at the end was the sweetest finishing touch. I'd love to sing like Angela and Leslie and Joe. Until then, I will sing "in a group" where a supporting role could be carried by our musical talents!

Thanks, Joe and Debbie, for putting this on, I hope it will happen again. I know that's a lot of work for the hosts, so we have to be reasonable and give you some space. But maybe Labor Day? The last BBQ of the summer?

 Thanks again for a great afternoon and evening.

 Jan Marie Belle.

 Here are some photos from the BBQ:

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