RMNAAFA's Dance Party

The RMNAAFA Dance Party was a dance for people of size and their admirers, hosted by RMNAAFA on Saturday, April 28, 2001. This was our fourth great dance. We have had four hits, and we're looking forward to another!

 Thanks to Patti Kelly for her impressions of this great dance:

 Took me awhile to post about the dance but I have been busy since then. The clubhouse looked great all decorated and the music Jessica put together for us was fantastic. I heard several positive comments about holding it at the clubhouse. Leslie had some fun "ice breaker" games for us to play. It helped get people up and meeting new people.

 We had several new people at the dance which was great to see. Steven came all the way from Kansas! We also have two new members! Shawn and his wife Kaye joined RMNAAFA about half way through the dance. What lovely people! I really enjoyed meeting them and look forward to seeing them again. A note to those of you not at the dance, Shawn designs and makes clothing for larger women. He will tailor the garments to your needs, taking into account any special needs. If anyone wants to contact him let me know. I have some of his cards and can get you in touch with him.

 Jeff had us all entertain again. He has christened Debbie B. "the enchantress" Good call Jeff. By the way Jeff will not be reachable for sometime. Starting Friday he plans on seeing "The Mummy Returns" as many times as possible. I guess his NAAFA friends have to take a back seat to the draw of the Mummy.

 I want to thank Sherry for transporting the tables and chairs we rented, Leslie for doing so much of the planing, Margaret Mary for doing so much of the cooking, Dina for donating her home made candles for sale, everyone that donated items to the silent auction, Jeff for doing so much to clean up (when I was too tired to even be able to answer his questions!), Janet and Sherry for helping set up and Jessica, Angela, Leslie, and the two Margarets for setting up and cleaning up. It was lots of fun and we needed you all to make it work. Thanks again!

 Patti Kelly

 I'm waiting for photos, folks.

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