RMNAAFA's Harvest Moon Dance

The Harvest Moon Dance was a dance for people of size and their admirers, hosted by RMNAAFA on Saturday, October 4, 2000. This was our third great dance. We have had three hits, and we're looking forward to another!

 Thanks to Margaret Mary for her impressions of this great dance:


 I'm back at the computer. Everyone looked great in their "dress to impress" duds Saturday night. I hope everyone had fun. I think the DJ did a really good job on the music, and I'm not just saying that because he played Jessie's Girl by my beloved Rick Springfield twice. Sorry if I was sort of nuts when the song came on, but Rick does that to me. :) For those you who missed it, consider yourselves lucky. It's about the only time you'll see me make that kind of a fool of myself.

Jeff was quite the party animal, dragging me onto the dance floor for "Livin La Vida Loco," my 3rd and final try at making a fool of myself that night. What is it with me and guys named Rick who used to be on General Hospital?? Jeff also got Angela out onto the Dance floor. They made a great dance pair. You guys rock!

 The silent auction items all looked wonderful. Everyone did a great job on them and there was a nice variety of items such as chocolates, coffee, jewelry, and soaps/hand lotions. I was particularly impressed with the halloween treasure chest. What a neat idea! Was that yours Susan? Kudos! We met some really nice people, but missed those of you who couldn't join us.

 Oh, for those of you who thought I had requested Jessie's Girl a second time, it wasn't me. I thanked the DJ on his way out though and he said he played it a second time because he "LOVES that song!" (his emphasis not mine). :)


Margaret Mary

 Here are photos from this wonderful event (photos mostly by Joe and Debbie Obrin):

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