RMNAAFA's Great Holiday Party, 2001

What an incredible party that was!  This Christmas party ((2001) was one of the most pleasant and ejoyable events we've had.  The food was all very good, in spite of the smoke pouring out ot the kitchen at one point (but at least I didn't include that picture).  We enjoyed a lot of interesting conversation and a set of board games.  We sang Christmas Carols, and were treated to Nick's rather unique brand of karaoke.  Jeff was full of energy, and Patti and George were decked out for the holiday season.  And, of course, the gift exchange was a real blast.  All in all, it was a very, very special occasion, and we were all glad we came, and grateful for the great company.

Here are some comments from other folk:

Well once again...it was a fantastic party!!! I had so much fun, the food was yummy and of course the company was wonderful! :)

Thank you so much to everyone that put this together...you did a  great job!

Merry Christmas everyone!

MaryAnn :)

Hi all,

Once again I agree with MaryAnn. The party was great! Good food and good company cannot be beaten.The Christmas music helped get me in the spirit too. I put up my tree and am taking a break to check my mail before decorating. Merry Christmas to all my NAAFA friends,those who made it to the party and those who did not.


I had an awesome time at the party yesterday!  I even ended up with the gift I really wanted after everyone kept stealing mine!  I'm looking forward to the next party in January.

Thanks everyone!


I would like to thank Margaret K-H for helping set up and for bringing some of the decorations. Pattie and George pitched in and helped decorate too which really helped to get things ready in time. Thanks to JeanMarie for donating cash to help cover the room rental fee, to everyone that brought food and drinks, to all the other officers for putting the karaoke together, To Dina for donating the fragrant candle for the lady's room, to Sven Jackson (a.k.a. Jeff S., a.k.a. the Black Prince) for the massages, to Nick Obrin for the floor show, to Web Master Joe for using his cool new toy to capture images for the web page and last but not least the awesome clean up crew headed Jeff S. and complimented by Leslie, Margaret Mary, Margaret K-H, Angela, Linda and MaryAnn.

Know that during this holiday session I am very grateful for all of my RMNAAFA friends.



Hey People!  It was a great party.  I am looking forward to seeing you all and serving as a officer next year.  See you then.  Merry  Christmas;)


Here are some photos from this terrific event:
At this time, Dina also has some terrific photos of this  party on her web site.

And if you've got the bandwidth or the patience (file is about 700K), here is a video you have to see.

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