January BBW Dance Party

It was another great party at RMNAAFA!  Everyone was dressed to the hilt, there was great music, wonderful company, and gorgeous decorations.  And, I swear that one of those sets of balloons looked like a hidden Mickey!  Here's what other people had to say about this great party:

I had such a blast at the party! Thanks to everyone that played a hand it it's success. We also got a new member. Chris from Colorado Springs joined. I hope you all get a chance to meet him...he is a riot! For those of you that did not stay late you missed Wayne cutting a rug after midnight...wow! What a dancing machine! That was so fun to watch. It was really good seeing you all...hope to see you all soon.


Hi everybody. I had a good time at the dance last night nice to see friends and some new faces too! I hope I will be able to make it to the poterty painting, it sounds like a lot of fun. PS Angela the news letter looks great.


I agree with Janet...it was a great party!!!!  The decorations looked fantastic, and everyone looked wonderful!!! :)  It was nice to see some new faces and of course it's always so much fun to see all my friends...you're the best!

I also wanted to thank Angela for doing such a great job with the newsletter...Thank You! :)

Well, I can't wait until our next event...it's a guaranteed good time...so everyone take care till then, and see you soon!

MaryAnn :)

I'll echo what was said, the party was great. I'm glad that Chris joined -it's always nice to get new members.

Patti is right. Wayne was very entertaining. I really appreciate it when someone can let go of the "what will people think" junk and just have fun.  The turnout was great, with quite a few single men there. At one point we had more men than women dancing which I think is a NAAFA first!  Congratulations to the officers and helpers who made the place look very nice.


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