RMNAAFA 2004 Business Meeting

On October 9th, 2004, the annual business meeting of RMNAAFA was held. There was considerable discussion about the future of the chapter, if we would try to keep a viable chapter of NAAFA in the Denver area, and, if so, how we would go about doing this.

It was generally agreed that although the chapter is not as active as it once was, there is a need in the Denver area for a local NAAFA chapter. The members would rather see the chapter continue in a reduced mode than to go out of existence. Some reorganization can be done to make operating in a reduced mode more viable.

Part of the difficulty that the chapter seems to have is that there is not as clear a division of labor as there should be. For example, Maggie said that a lot of press contact has come to her this year, because she is listed as the chairperson, and is the first name listed on the web page. She pointed out that the chairperson is often not sure how to handle the types of inquiries that she receives, which may include legal or health questions, requests for press interviews on certain issues, or requests for guest speakers at things like college classes or seminars.

It was decided that it would be a good idea to establish a new position that would be a person that would handle most dealings with the press. This person could call on other people in the chapter who were knowledgeable in specific areas. But, the press contact would field simple questions, and either handle interviews or arrange for another member(s) to do so.

A second new post that was created was that of a membership person. This person would handle requests from people who are want information about joining the chapter or the National organization.

In order to facilitate more effective dealings with the press, it was decided that a media kit that had basic facts and NAAFA official positions would be a useful tool. Angela agreed to assemble this kit.

It was agreed that the chairperson would remain the primary contact for the National organization.

Elections were held. The officers, elected and appointed, for 2005 will be: