RMNAAFA's Fabulous Halloween Bash!

Fly me to the Moon, and let me play among the stars...of RMNAAFA!

On October 30, 1999, RMNAAFA put on one devil of a great Halloween party!

We all owe a world of thanks to Patti for her hospitality, to Angella, Dina, JeanMarie and the others for their showmanship, to all the folks who provided decorations, and refreshments, and elaborate and exciting costumes....

It all added up to a spectacular party.

Leslie went as a Dominatrix and won for scariest costume with Joe's son Nick a close second. He was a skeleton. Dina won "best of" with her Marilyn Monroe costume sewn for her by Gaille. Margaret won cutest with her "Hell's hula girl" costume. Debra N. came down with Margaret and had an awesome costume of a dragon fly that she made herself. I was very impressed with how it turned out. Jan Marie was one cool cat in her animal print outfit and her face painted like a cast member from "Cats". We should have had a prize for best face painting, she would have won hands down! Joe and his wife came as couch potatoes. What was cute is that they took there costumes off for comfort and set them on two chairs and they looked cute as props too! Angela came as a vampire but nobody let her bite them, at least not while I was looking! JeanMarie came as the devil with horns glued onto her forehead. Janet S looked very pretty with her evening dress and a feather mask over her eyes. Sherry G came as the queen of hearts. Dina helped get that designed and put together for her. Patti Kelly came as the Tooth Fairy (what a stretch huh!) and handed out Halloween survival kits (toothpaste, floss, a toothbrush and sugarless gum) to everyone. Jeff came as Jeff and Lyda came as Lyda. 
We had 6 people bring craved pumpkins for a contest. Leslie had an awesome bat pumpkin that won the prize. JeanMarie spray painted a pumpkin gray and had little astronauts and the flag on it celebrating our moon landing. Angela must have spent hours craving the "Welcome" pumpkin. Lyda ad a very cleaver and cute Jack o lantern that is hard to describe but was very creative. I got a white pumpkin...ok it was more grey/green...and did kind of a Casper the friendly ghost pumpkin. Margaret had a scary pumpkin that sort of looked like the devil I guess since she was "Hell's Hula girl" it fit.
Angela made a graveyard pudding treat complete with tombstones. She also whipped up a wonderful punch with gummy worms in the ice ring. I had a cute Jack o lantern cheese ball that we all ate from the back first. His face finally did get eaten! Leslie and Joe brought cakes and others brought pop, chips, dip, hot wings. Needless to say there was plenty of food. 

We had a number of brave souls try out Angela's Karaoke machine. Of course, Angela wowed everyone, but Dian and a couple of others turned in some stellar performances.

We had two raffles that made 17 or 18 dollars. Angela and Leslie donated those prizes. The prizes for the for the contests were donated by Angela and Patti...mostly Angela and I must say they were cute! Angela and Margaret made cute spider pops that everyone took home. One of our NAAFA members came by while we were setting up and helped out. She left the cutest doodle pads for us all. They have our Rocky Mountain NAAFA logo on them and are very nice.

And no, Leslie, we don't believe that you dress like that to work....

Most of the text on this page was contributed by Patti Kelly. Photographs by Joe and Debbie Obrin.

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