RMNAAFA'S 2001 Halloween Party

RMNAAFA had another wonderful party!  Great food, great decorations, great karaoke, and imaginative costumes abounded.  The Legal Alien, the Easter Bunny on Vacation, the Sixties Hippie...I could go on and on.  The one that really surprised me, though, was Patti as a gypsy fortune teller.  I didn't even recognize her when she came in!

We had a great time, although Nick was completely unaware of winning one of the costumre contests until the next day.  I guess he was completely ut of energy.

Here are some of the comments from other folks on this great party.


What a blast the Halloween party was! We had a real good turn out, several non members as well as a few non members that have been to our parties before. The costumes were fantastic! So much work went into this. I was very impressed with the creativity. Nick's skeleton man won for scariest. Leslie got cutest for her school girl. Non member Kelly got "Best of" for her excellent "X-ray Patients." She came dressed as a hospital patient complete with a lite chest x-ray. Margaret K-H won for best pumpkin.

I would like to thank all of those that helped out. Sherry G., Margaret Mary, Margaret K-H, Angela, Leslie, and others pitched in to set up the room and decorate. Dina donated one of her hand made candles that was sold to help found the party. Margaret Mary brought some fun Halloween CD's and Leslie brought her Karaoke machine. Webmaster Joe was there with his digital camera and his son's laptop computer. It was great to see the pictures he took before the party even ended. Many helped clean up with Margaret Mary, MaryAnn, Angela, Margaret K-H, Leslie and Rob staying to the end.

It was a blast! My favorite party of the year!!


Hi everyone, I agree with Patti the party was great. Thanks to Patti for providing the Clubhouse again.It is a nice place to have our parties.  Looking forward to  the swimming outing next weekend too.


As usual gang, it was a great time! Thank you Patti for all you do...we really appreciate it! :)  Thanks also to everyone that helped to set up and decorate the clubhouse...you did a wonderful job!  It was a late night for those of us that stayed to cleanup, but with all the fun of the evening...it was well worth it!

It was nice to meet so many new people...great turnout...great food, and of course...GREAT PEOPLE!!!!! :)

I'll try and get my digital pics downloaded sometime tonight and I'll create a photo album for everyone to view them...the costumes were fantastic...what a creative group you are! :)

Have a great day everybody, and I can't wait to see you next Saturday at the POOL!!!!!!! Yippee!

MaryAnn :)

And here are some photos from this terrific event:


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