RMNAAFA's Fabulous Halloween Bash 2000!

Another great time! Fantastic costumes, good food, fun Halloween music (thanks Joe and Debie for lending us your new CD's) and, of course, Karaoke. 
The pumpkin carving contest was won by nonmember Heather. Even though her pumpkin was not carved she dressed it up with an apron and "cap" and painted it to look like a French maid. 
Margaret Kent Hanby also painted her pumpkin with a goolish face. Leslie and Angela carved two great pumpkins that illuminated the party all evening long. 
The costumes were fun and very creative! Leslie won the "cutest" category with her Pebbles look. 
George Phillips won scariest with his "skull man". 
Pattie Pierce Phillips won most original with her "BAD" tooth fairy. She went all out giving away treats such as white chocolate "rotten" teeth, little plastic molar necklaces that opened to reveal a single M&M and donning a huge toothbrush, green with fungus with stickers on it such as "Fluoride is for Sissies". Even this crusader for oral health agreed hers was the most original. I will say I countered her bad influence with giving away "Halloween survival kits" containing toothbrushes and other dental aids.
Some of the other costumes were a Vampy Vampire by Margaret S. Her dressed rocked! A Queen, by new member Jessica W. A gypsy by nonmember Heather. 
A very cleaver "old lady with a big baby on her back" by new member Mindy S. that had to be seen to be believed. Jan Marie came as a cat woman. This year her makeup really glittered. 
Lida's granddaughter Teysha came as a Vampire girl. Margaret K-H came as a clown that had been killed by a run away elephant. Janet was a witch with very cool eye lashes that glowed green when she closed her eyes. I was a Geisha with a cranium restricting wig. The welts are finally gone by the way. JeanMarie came as a queen or as she stated during the contest balloting "what costume darling?"! Lida, Dina, Sherry, Angela and Debbie B. came as themselves. 
Decorations were really cool this year. Thanks to Angela, both Margarets and Leslie for helping out. Margaret K-H made up some very cleaver tombstones with epitaphs for various members on then. 
We also gave out goolish hands which were made with clear plastic gloves stuffed with kettle korn and candy corn used for the finger nails. They looked really creepy and for some strange reason I tried numerous times to photograph one and my camera would not take the picture! I had my flash on and nothing. I moved into the light and nothing. I could take pictures of all the costumes and other decorations with no problem. But every time I went to take a picture of one of these creepy hands nothing would happen! Finally I had little Teysha hold it up in front of her. The first try my camera still wouldn't snap a shot. Then with my second try it went off. Now I am more then curious to is how it develops! There may have been more ghosts in the room then we were aware of! 
I would also like to thank all the help we got at the end of the evening with the clean up. So many stayed to the end to help out it really went fast.
We missed those of you that could not make it. Susan we hope you are feeling better. I'm already working on ideas for Halloween 2001! Good thing time flies! 

Most of the text and Photographs on this page was contributed by Patti Kelly.

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