A Glimpse of the Future?

Some members of the leadership of NAAFA have suggested that the name of NAAFA be changed. According to the Jan/February 1997 NAAFA Newsletter, several of the suggestions have the organization being named USA which could be United for Size Acceptance, or Union for Size Acceptance, or (President Frances White's suggestion) United for Size Advocacy.

Russell Williams, a 20 year member of NAAFA, postulates the following future conversation between himself and imaginary person Susan Bpfkdkq

Susan: Russell, your badge says, "Join the USA." What does that mean? Are you encouraging people to become citizens?

Russell: Thank you for asking. USA stands for "United for Size Advocacy." It is composed of people working together to end all forms of size discrimination.

Susan: Wonderful! I have a cousin who has a very short 7 year old boy and she wants to put him on growth hormone. Does USA have a position about putting children on growth hormone?

Russell: No, the position papers of USA deal with the problems fat people in our society face.

Susan: Oh, well does USA have meeting?

Russell: Yes, and they have regional gathering and a national convention once a year.

Susan: What happens at the conventons?

Russell: Workshops, swim parties, fashion shows, cothing vendors, dances, and a lot of fun.

Susan: That sounds nice. I have a friend who is a little over 3 feet tall and has problems buying adult clothing in her size. She would love to go to your convention and buy some nice adult clothing in her size.

Russell: Well, while we have many vendors, their clothing is designed for the fat female trade.

Susan: Do they have workshops dealing with size issues?

Russell: Oh yes, but they are all pretty much aimed at the issues the fat women and/or the men who admire them have.

Susan: If their position papers deal with fat issues, their venders sell to the fat trade, and their workshops deal with fat people's problems, why don't you call your organization something like the Nation Association to Advance Fat Acceptance?

Russell: Best I can tell many of the leaders feel that telling people that we deal with the problems of fat people will turn off prospective members.

Susan: So you are asking me to join a organization of fat people who are ashamed to admit it and are hiding behind the word size in the hope that no one will notice that they are fat people dealing with fat issues.

Russell: Well, I am asking you to join USA. Here is our brochure. I hope that you will join us.


How many of you who are not in NAAFA will rush out to send in your $40.oo if NAAFA becomes USA?

Russell Williams

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