New RMNAAFA Graphics

Here are some suggestions for our upcoming print and flyer campaign, and for a redesign of our logo.  To begin with, we will be hanging flyers and small posters in public places (with permission).  So, we are looking for striking images and memorable copy to raise the profile of our group, and to get people thinking about fat acceptance issues.  If you have comments or more suggestions, you can send them to our chapter address, or send them to our webmaster.  We can work with almost many formats, including pdf, jpg, gif, and tiff.  We will try to display them here, so that people can decide what they like before we commit to print.

If you click on an image below, the full size image or file will be displayed.


<<<---We are thinking that this flyer is in need of more work, perhaps more text, a slightly better graphic, or some details about the costs of dieting.  So, if you can contribute here, let us know.

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