RMNAAFA Game Night, 2004, Saturday, March 13

I can’t believe what a great time we all had at the game night this time!  Nick commented that this was the most fun he has ever had at one of our indoor parties.

We started off the night with some delicious snacks, then sat by as Maggie (AKA Magsie Pie.  Blame Jeff) and Pete (the new guy) showed off their frighteningly deep knowledge of Lord of the Rings trivia.  It was supposed to be a game, but we other four were just spectators. 
We then had a couple of good games of Clue, which remains a fun classic.  Of course, this version has a Haunted Mansion twist.
Meanwhile, at the other table, Margaret the trivia queen was holding court.  Other games over there included Triblold, Scattegories, and even Scrabble.
Nick never did get anyone to play chess with him, but the Lord of the Rings set was pretty cool, wasn’t it?
But, the highlight of the evening, without a doubt, was the Charades game.  Nick was suprisingly creative and enthusiastic at this, and most of us had fun just watching.  The competition was spirited between the two teams, though no one was keeping time or keeping score.  Now, the spectators really should have jumped in, because this was one of the most fun games we’ve ever played.
The group may not be having as many get togethers this year, but when we get together, we sure have a blast.  This was an outrageously fun night that we will remember for a long time.
Until next time (he imitates the pantomime of Patti’s tearful goodbye from the game).....

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