RMNAAFA'S 2002 Halloween Party

Well, it sounds like the Halloween party was a smash again this year.  This seems like it is the big event of our year at RMNAAFA, and is not to be missed.  Well, um, unless you're in Disney World.  Here's what folks had to say about the party:

The Halloween party was great fun! MaryAnn got cutest costume for her "Baby Boo" ghost outfit ....that she had on for maybe a total of 5 minutes! Alex and Tracy got scariest costume as vampires. It was good to see them on their anniversary! They met at the Halloween party last year. George and Pattie won most original costume as the "Soprano's". They looked awesome! It was really good that they were able to make it to the party. Pattie we had all missed you so much! Margaret won the pumpkin carving contest with her pumpkin that looked just like Joe who couldn't come to the party because he was at Disney World. If we would have had a "messiest" costume award I may have gotten that. As the snow queen I left glitter EVERYWHERE. It was sort of weird seeing glitter on peoples faces I hadn't even hugged or been close to. I know JeanMarie was seeing it everywhere when she vacuumed. Our man Jeff was going crazy because so many of the ladies were looking "fine" as he put it. Anyway I had fun. JeanMarie, Angela and Maggie had some great games that got us "working the room" and meeting new people. What a blast. We really missed those of you that couldn't make it. We did see some members that had been able to attend events in a while so that was great and we had some new people there as well as several non members that come to some of our events. It's always such a fun party I am already thinking of my costume for next year.



Evidently, Dina and Mary Ann had their digital cameras a going.  Here are some neat pictures that Mary Ann took:


Dina has even more pictures of this great event on her web page.

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