RMNAAFA Halloween Party, 2003

Our Halloween Party for 2003 was a rousing success, as usual. Most of the text below was supplied by Maggie, and the photographs were from the Obrins.  But, there is another treasure trove of photos taken by Mary Ann.

Hey Guys and Gals,

Sorry it's taken a couple days to post anything. A good majority of us didn't leave the clubhouse til after 4am I think... or thereabouts...so that could have something to do with the fact none of us have posted yet LOL. Thank heavens for the time change that gave us an extra hour to recover *Cheesy grin*

Let's see if I can sum up some of the highlights.

First off the Prize Winners:
Best Carved Pumpkin went to a very nice Newbie, Mary, who had carved quite the intricate design on her pumpkin.
She came as a lovely Renaissance Lady btw.

The prize for best Pumpkin was a cute stuffed pumpkin plush toy I believe. Other pumpkin entries were: A Pumpkin in a cow costume from Margaret K-H to match her outfit
  (She wore a cow dress complete with udders, a cow face hat and halo to make her a "Holy Cow");
a lovely carved pumpkin with bats and a belfry from Angela and my own entry which was A wolf howling, surrounded by the moon.
Most Original Costume and a witch hamster that sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" went to Maryann who came as a Present. It was very cute with wrapping and lots of bows in her hair.
Cutest Costume went to Patti Kelly who came as an Indian Princess complete with braids and a lovely dress with fringed bottom. She got acute halloween bear for her efforts but rumor has it she gave it to young Nick who is 12 now I believe (11, actually--Joe) to give to his girlfriend....oh, wait, she's not his girlfriend, she's a girl...friend... Much fun was had teasing him about this new development.
Nick incidentally came as some sort of guard complete with helmet....Power Rangers costume maybe? I'm so not up on cartoons (in reality, Jengo Fet from Star Wars, Episode II).
Scariest Costume went to Nick's dad and our RMNAAFA webmaster, Joe whowas a vampire.
He received a teddy bear indevil costume for his efforts.
Margaret Kent Hanby was kind enough to make up cute treat bags for everyone with candy and prizes in them so thanks to her for her generous efforts.
Other costumes... Angela was a lovely Dark Angel complete with black wings and a black halo which Jeff borrowed to model before the end of the night. Debi N. was a lovely witch in purple with a spider web cape.
Debbie O. was Ozzy Osbourne's #1 Fan complete with spiked hair. Linda was Ozzy with a wig and Ozzy glasses. Her friend Brian came in disguises as a human.
The younger set was represented with Mary (yep we've got two Marys now along with Margaret and yours truly Margaret Mary...now you know why switching to Maggie was a good choice)....anyway she came decked out very nicely as Anna Nicole Smith and her date came as a disgruntled college student.

Dan H. joined us in mexican attire, complete with poncho and sombero.  He very generously gave each lady present a lovely blue rose delivered by Nick.
Newcomer Greg, borrowed Patti's Feather which he taped to his head and made a tomahawk from materials on hand for an impromptu Indian Warrior Costume. Very clever.

I was a woodland fairy in green with leaves, large green and orange fairy wings and a headband with flowers and fairy antenna attached.

We were also joined by Sherry G., Debbie B., and Sue R. also all disguised as humans. *giggles*
The club house was decked as usual with lots of ghosts, witches, and goblins. The Grim Reaper was even hiding in the hallway to the bathrooms ready to pounce. Thanks to Patti, Margaret, and Angela for helping to decorate and clean up and to Maryann, Linda, Jeff, Brian, and Greg for the help cleaning up. I hope I didn't miss anyone. If Idid, my brain is having a freeze so know you were appreciated even though I am blonde.

It was a nice friendly evening with lots of chatting. Nick got most of us to play a game of complete the sentence where each person had to say one word with somewhat hilarious results.
The food was yummy as always.  Thanks to Maryann for picking up the soda and Ice so that the officers didn't have to do that. Patti K made her tasty pumpkin face cheese ball and Debbie O. made an AWESOME dutchoven peach cobbler for us. Thanks to everyone who brought such a nice variety of treats to share.

We missed those of you that couldn't be there. Patti P.P. and George, I know you guys are halloween lovers. I hope you just had a conflicting engagement and nothing is wrong. Your presence was most definitely missed.

Thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable night. Now I have to start thinking about next year's costume, LOL.


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