RMNAAFA Halloween Bash, 2004

keeping - 31
We had such a great Halloween party in 2004.
keeping - 35
The night before Halloween, and the spirits were out!
keeping - 08
Nick was a little bit frightening as an evil Jedi. A really evil Jedi.
keeping - 30
But, Jeff was quite the swordsmen himself.
keeping - 12
Margaret countered by spreading the love. But, her matches were, well, rather frightening in themselves.
Meanwhile, in the outfit Patti was wearing, she shouldn’t have any trouble finding love. And she seemed to have found enough bling bling.
While Angela reminded us that Fairies really could not be trusted.
keeping - 13
But, Sue was center stage for moral ambiguity. In the contest of good against evil....
keeping - 15
Was she good...
keeping - 14
Or was she evil?????
keeping - 05
The Obrins could have been neutral. But, as Mr. And Mrs. Static Cling, they were really charged.
keeping - 27
And Mary Ann and Linda brought back the dichotomy question. Are they really alike, or as different as Night and Day?
keeping - 21
And, finally, Janet, Madam President for next year, started her term early in regal purple.
keeping - 38
There were other great costumes, and a few surprises as the spooky night went on.
keeping - 01
And with the good food, great company, and stimulating conversation...
keeping - 06
It should not be surprising how late many of us stuck around.
keeping - 11
But, after a wild game of charades, most of us were spent.
And our coach finally turned into a pumpkin. Or, our pumpkin turned into a frog. Or something like that. Oh, well, we will see you all next year.

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