RMNAAFAs Halloween Bash, 2005

halloween - 50
Right this way to see the fun we had at the 2005 RMNAAFA Halloween Party!
halloween - 31
The place was decorated in standard spooky trappings.
halloween - 28
Patti was there as a cat burglar. See, she had a bag full of cats, and.....
halloween - 17
While George was the Wookie Cookie Monster.
halloween - 26
Mary Ann put in an appearnce as Doctor Pepper
halloween - 40
While Linda, as Ms Smartie Pants, tried here hand at Sheris human penny toss.
halloween - 19
Sue was Charlottes Web
halloween - 06
and Maggie was....A Goth Cowgirl! Yeah, thats it.
halloween - 18
The creepy good time continued...
halloween - 08
Debbie was a Mad Hatter
halloween - 16
And while some of us had a Hollywood moment.....
halloween - 10
Others lost their head entirely.
halloween - 27
Patti was styling...
halloween - 25
While Mad Scientest Margaret took over the world.
halloween - 20
Madame Angela was in the spirit of the evening,
halloween - 42
and later gave readings to those who dared to know the future.
halloween - 02
Then, there was Jeff.
halloween - 48
So, good times, good foods, good costumes, and good friends. The 2005 Holiday Party was a success as always.

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