RMNAAFA Holiday Party 2003

What a great time we had at the 2003 RMNAAFA Holiday Party! The decorations set the stage for a great celebration of the holiday spirit and our camaraderie.
And then there were those presents. We had our fun holiday gift exchange game. There were some very nice gifts, and a load of fun.
Margaret got a nice pair of um, snowmen.
Then there was that colored light globe that made the rounds and ended up with Janet.
Of course, there was the space lamp that also went around and ended up with Jean Marie.
The stained glass picture that Nick wound up with was very nice.
The white stuffed reindeer and moose tree ornament in a fancy Christmas stocking were made off with by yours truly.
And Debbie ended up with the very charming mug and matching blanket set. There were a lot of other neat presents too, as well as a fun holiday game.
And there was the gift of great company that we all received.
We laughed, we talked, we shared some great food and the warmth of the holiday season.
And a couple of us, er, shared a sword fight.
In a less physical contest, there was a great game of Star Wars trivia, another game of Scattegories....
And, well, that other trivia game.
I just cant wait until we are all back for the next get together.
Happy Holidays to all, and Joy To The World!

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