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I no longer have any idea what I am doing with this page. It has been around for a long time, but it has not been updated in a very, very long time (so it is time now).

Regardless, I just can't take this or my other stuff down yet. These pages are dear to my heart. But, you could argue that I have not kept up with the online trends. After all, I don't have a Facebook page at this point. Debbie does. Nick does. Chromaggus does. But, I don't.

Nonetheless, I have left up a lot of my old web pages. The page you are reading just replaces my old personal page. It is actually below my main page, which is a better summary of what I still have online.

So,what is there to say? My business (Four Point OH Consulting) is doing well. My specialization (as you can see by my resume) remains digital design, programmable logic, and embedded processing, with a little bit of software and a whole lot of hardware. Independent consulting is just so much better than having a real job that it's hard to describe. So, as long as the work keeps coming, I will just keep working. Then, I guess I retire.
Because Debbie, my gorgeous wife, is retiring in August of 2012. After 33 years of service to the Department of Interior, I wonder what she is going to do with herself. But, she is already anxiously counting the days.

We are still living in Arvada, which is a suburb of Denver (CO, USA). If we do both end up retired, will we be moving? I don't know, our roots here are pretty deep.

Although there was a time I thought of moving to Florida, just to be closer to Disney World. When Nick was younger, we spent a lot of happy times there, which I documented pretty well. But, I didn't even catch the first trip Debbie and I made in 1988 (long before Nick), or the first time we took Nick in 1997 (at age 5). I did, however, catch all of my thoughts looking back in my final trip report.
From the standpoint of weather, prices, and crowds, going in February wins hands down. And, though Disney's own page is great, if you are looking for really great Disney World information, planning tips, and so forth, check out
It was because of our trips to Disney World that we bought into the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). Well all was said and done, it was a worthwhile investment. The rooms at the villas are incredible.

We have also been to Disneyland ample times, and even made several Disney Cruises.

The Disney service remains amazing, and their cruises take it to a whole new level. The other incredible thing about a Disney Cruise is that their ships are actually designed for all ages, with special activities for the young passengers, and special areas of the ship that are adult only.
Incredible service impresses me. That is one of the big reasons that my business runs on a Mac. That, and I need the reliability and solid performance of a Unix based machine. So, because I have to count on it, my business runs on a Mac. And we have become pretty big Apple fans, with a house full of Macs, iPods, iPads, and iPhones. I even have both a Titanium Power Book and a "sunflower" iMac, though neither remains in good working order. The sunflower iMac, though, was such a thing of beauty. The way the screen just floated wherever you placed it was an amazing thing.

Not to sound like too much of a fanatic, but Steve Jobs's Biography was really a fascinating read. Even if you are not a fan of Steve's or of Apple's, it is a fascinating look at a dynamic man who changed so many things in our world.

Speaking of (slightly fanatic) computer fans in California, We have been to Blizzcon four times. This conference, is a massive celebration of the games of Blizzard Entertainment, including the horribly addictive World Of Warcraft (which we all 3 play). There were 26,000 attendees at the 2011 event, and they had major release announcements for WoW, Diablo, and Starcraft. It was quite a show!

And a good excuse to sneak over to Disneyland for a day (Blizzcon is at the Anaheim Convention Center, right across the street).

Our other big travel indulgence has been closer to home. We have been to the Rainbow Weekend balloon festival in Steamboat Springs for 20 years in a row. From the year Nick was born until he was 19. The festival is always a great show, and this charming town always offers other fun things to do.
One of these days, I need to make a page of some of the great pictures we have taken of this event.
Back home, Nick continues his studies at Metropolitan State College of Denver, where he is studying Business Information Systems.

Nick and I are both Eagle Scouts. We are not active like (all 3 of us) were when we were helping to run both his Pack and later his Troop, but I still think that BSA is an amazing program.

Nick is not thrilled that I made a web page when he was very young with some terribly cute pictures of him. But, it is still up there.

The other local organization I helped out with was the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAAFA. Though I am no longer heavily involved in Fat Acceptance, I think the movement has something to say.
I did mention Chromaggus, didn't I? Named after a character in World Of Warcraft, he is an amazing little Corgi mix that has been with us for five years. But, I still only have puppy pictures of him online!

And, here are some memories of my dear mother, Esther.

Well, I think that's all. e-mail me if you have something interesting to say. I am at

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