Obrins At WDW October 2002 Day 0

Here we go again!

We’ll be leaving for the airport in just about 9 hours.  And so begins another terrific trip to the world’s best vacation spot, Walt Disney World.  We have 10 great days and 9 wonderful nights planned. 

We’ll be staying at the Old Key West Resort.  This is our second time there.  We were very pleasantly surprised on our last trip.  Last time, we ended up at OKW because that  was the only DVC we could get during the time we were traveling.  But, this time, I had reservations for our home resort at The Wilderness Lodge, and changed to OKW.  We got a one bedroom for just a little bit more points than a studio was costing us at Wilderness Lodge. So, we’ve got a full kitchen, hot tub, and extra room.  And our experience was that this was a very pretty resort, with friendly people and terrific bus service.  Then, of course, there is Olivia’s.  It just seems like a better choice all around then Wilderness lodge.

We haven’t been this time of year before.  Our last trip was sort of a Christmas/New Year’s trip, and this one is going to be a Halloween trip.  I don’t know how much they decorate the property for Halloween, but it will be fun to see.  We are going to be doing MNSSHP one night, to get deeper into the spirit.

We’ll also be doing the Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios in the middle of the week.  I know, we’ll have to take a break from the magic, and it breaks my heart.  But, everything I’ve heard makes me think this will be worth it.  We’re taking the day to go to IOA as well.  We’ve never been there, and it’s fun to have a new experience.  But, a whole day that we could have spent at WDW.  Hmmmm.....
The anticipation, of course, has been building for months.  But, with all that planning, do you ever have the feeling sneaking up on you that you have forgotten something important?  Well, logically I’m sure I’ve crossed the i’s and dotted the t’s, but we’ll see this week, won’t we?

So, here we go again.

This trip, it’s just us three again.  I’m Joe, the Disney fanatic.  There are people who have the bug worse,  but I do get obsessive about these trips.  Our trips generally only last about a week to ten days (sigh).  But, if you immerse yourself in the planning and in the  trip reports afterwards, you get to spend many more hours enjoying the magic of Disney, in the anticipation and in the memories.
I’m also an engineer by trade, and a computer hobbyist by avocation.  So, I am very geek, and that shows up in the things I like about WDW.

We are traveling again with our two Apple laptops, our Sony digital camcorder and our Kodak digital still camera.  The Kodak is pretty aged now, but the laptops and the Sony were new last trip.  Traveling with the laptops proved to be a pleasure, as theyprovided a distraction on the plane and in the airport, let us send e-mail from the room, and let me be more organized about my trip report.  Most importantly, they let us download our photos each night, so we got a lot more shots than we had previously (when traveling with the Kodak sans computer).
Being able to listen to your own music when in transit was also a pleasure.  This trip, the IPod is new, so we’ve got three music sources for three travelers.

Anyway, enough geek.  The second member of our little trip is Nick.  Nick is ten years old on this trip.  I amazed by how much he has changed this year, so it’ll be fun to see the world through his eyes.  I’ve always said that is the great thing about going to WDW with your kids, they see the world differently each time, as they change and touch it at a different level.

Then again, WDW is so vast that there is always something different when we are there.  At least, something we haven’t seen before.  Last trip, I made what was going to be a list of ten things we hadn’t done before, and managed on that trip.  But, I couldn’t get the list to under fourteen items.  I’m expecting a whole list of new things this trip, and I know IOA, MNSSHP, and Horror Nights are already going to be on the list (is USF cheating?  Oh, well).
Debbie is the third member of our traveling band.  She pretends to just tolerate my Disney addiction, but is really more involved in it then she pretends.  I 
 know she is as stressed out as I am right now.  We are desperately needing and anticipating this trip.

So, here we go again.


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