Obrins At WDW October 2002 Day 10

Day 10,  Sunday, October 27, 2002

This was a day we spent at the the Magic Kingdom, and then traveled home (sniff).

It was another beautiful day in paradise.  I have to give the weather an A- this week.  It  was very close to perfect.  The weather and the light crowds make me think that an October trip is a good idea. 

Considering that this was a weekend, I thought that today’s crowds were especially light.  Now, this was an MNSSHP night.  Debbie was theorizing that people may be coming to MK on Saturday (last night was much busier), but avoiding Sunday because it closed early (unless you had an MNSSHP ticket).
We seemed to get up pretty late today, and ended up getting to the Magic Kingdom pretty late, at what seemed to be almost 10 a.m.  For some reason, the Magic Kingdom was just opening, which I found very odd.  They were having quite a little ceremony at the front gate.  But, we were able to bypass it, because I remembered that this was an early entry day.  We ran down to Adventureland (as it was only a few minutes before regular opening), and got there before the full crowd.  Now, the way they were doing early entry here again was that only Tomorrowland was open, so we stood as first in line for rope drop at Adventureland.

We were first in line for the Jungle Cruise, as we had missed it for this entire trip.  There was really no wait at all.  The guide, unfortunately, was only moderately

amusing.  Again, this is one of those attractions where the CM makes all of the difference, and I have heard some great guides.  Still, he did ask what did Kid Corn say to Mom Corn?  And, I also still like the exaggerated, humorous effects through here.  I just enjoy the Jungle Cruise.

After getting off the cruise, Nick and I drove the little remote control boats around briefly.  I didn’t do so hot, but Nick did OK.

Somehow while driving the boats, we lost touch with Debbie.  We had talked about wanting to ride Peter Pan, so Nick and I walked down there.  We looked around for Debbie, then got in ride for Peter Pan.  We only had about a 15 minute wait, and a terrific ride.  This is another one that I just love.  Real flying
should be like this--lots of leg room, no lousy food, you get to see everything in front of and below you, there’s noone slamming their seat back against your legs, there are Indian tribes, pirates, and crocodiles---I may be getting carried away.

On the way out of Peter Pan, we saw Debbie.  She swore she was waiting for us on a bench near the boats, then looked around, and we were gone.  Yeah, sure. 

The Haunted Mansion was next.  It was a perfect ride, glorious, and a great last HM ride for the trip. 

While standing in the queue by the graveyard, I did see the eyes on Madam Leota’s tombstone open and dart around.  It’s pretty cool.

Nick is trying to tell me that the griffin statue in the library breathes.  I have never noticed this, can anyone confirm it?

We were stuck right at the hitchhikers.  If we had been just a bit further, we would have been stuck with one in our car.  This was still a pretty great place to be stuck.

After HM, we went into the Columbia Harbor House for an early lunch.  We have never stopped in here before the little stop during MNSSHP, and it looked like it would be a nice place for a quick bite.  But, they weren’t open yet.  There was a CM kind of puttering around, and she said they would open at
10:30.  Now, since my watch said 11:10, Debbie and I thought this was a little weird.  But, we sat at a table and caught our breath, figuring they would open at any time.

And it finally hit me.  Daylight savings time had ended this morning.  Hm.  You know, there is too much to think about on a trip like this, including changing your watch twice.  They shouldn’t make you change it a third time.  New rule--no changing the time when I’m on vacation.  So, I don’t want you all to let it happen again.

Well, we got an extra hour in at the MK.  See?  The magic doesn’t run out until the last day.

If I knew we were at the Harbor House 20 minutes before opening, we may not have waited.  But, we were resting comfortably, looking around at the decor.  By the time we realized what was going on, it wasn’t worth walking to someplace else.

It is, in fact, a very nice place for a quick bite.  It may be our new place to catch a quick, counter service meal in MK, as we have overused Pecos Bill’s.  Although, we ate at Casey’s for the first time this trip as well, and that’s a good place for a quick one.

Nick ordered a mac and cheese, which is kind of a kid’s item here.  It was far too small for him.  I suppose he could have gotten a second one.  Debbie and I had the chicken strips, which were really very good.
After the Harbor House, we went and stood in line for Big Thunder.  Before getting in line, Nick and I bought a couple of Mickey bars. It really hit the spot in this warm weather, and even other guests in line were commenting to us on how good they looked.

Nick and I sat in the very last car on BTMR, with Debbie in the car in front of us.  It was a very bumpy ride, which I enjoyed tremendously.  I still remember when this ride made me nervous, but I am so over that now.  We had a great time on this.

At this point, Debbie decided that she wanted to go back to OKW, and just relax in Papa’s Den before Tiffany showed up.  So, she boarded the Disneyland

Railroad in Frontierland, and Nick and I headed for Splash Mountain.

We had about a 15 to 20 minute wait for Splash Mountain, followed by a very nice ride.  Nick asked the CM to seat us in the front row, and it was huge fun.  This ride is a little better in the front.  But, we did not end up very wet. 

When I close my eyes and think of WDW, one of the places I can see is that bend at the very top of Chicapin Hill, where you are outside, and the entire Magic Kingdom is spreading out before you.  We had a beautiful, clear view today.

Nick wanted to get in another ride on Space Mountain.  But, on the walk over, I insisted on
stopping in the Tiki Room.  Nick gave me a hard time, but tough!  I hadn’t been in the Tiki Room all week.

Now, I admit that I miss the old show.  But, the new one does have it’s high points, including the marvelous animatronics on the goddess of disaster.  We sat in the very front row, and got a nice close up view of her.

We had less than a 15 minute wait to get on Space Mountain.  Not bad for nearly mid day on a weekend.  We had a great ride in the back of the first car.  This is a fun and bumpy ride, with the illusion of motion being well enhanced by the visual stimulation.  I even still chuckle through the exit queue, though we have seen it plenty of times.

Nick and I took one last ride on TTA, then did Buzz Lightyear.  I was  a planetary pilot again.

On the way out, we stopped at the Carnation Ice Cream shop on Main Street.  I had a very messy mint chocolate chip cone, and Nick had a very messy cookie dough cone.  But, they were extremely good.  I guess he and I may be making this a tradition for our last day at the MK.  If you do it twice in a row, it’s a tradition, right?

We had a pleasant, uneventful bus ride back to OKW.  We were there in plenty of time for Tiffany to pick us up.  We had a gorgeous ride to the airport.  That’s good, because we would need the good energy for that awful flight back.
We easily passed through security, even though we were carrying two bags full of equipment.  They did stop us and do an extra scan on the Titanium Power Book, though.  But, we aren’t really having any trouble traveling with the lap tops.

The batteries could stand to last longer.  The Power Book was dead shortly into the flight, Debbie didn’t feel comfortable using the IBook, due to the cramped quarters.

Debbie listened to a little Ozzy on the IPod in the airport.  On the flight home, she tried to watch the in-flight movie.  Nick actually did his homework, then listened to the IPod for the rest of the flight.  I worked on my trip report.  I had to actually resort to a pen and pad when the battery went down.
The girl in front of me, who had a nasty cold, decided she should have her head in my lap for the entire flight.  Now, if Southwest Airlines (where I won’t fly, of course) thinks they can try to charge a fat person for two tickets, then why shouldn’t they charge anyone who wants to put their seat back for two tickets?  Aren’t they taking up far more than one space?  And, ironically, she was kind of a BBW as well.  Some people are just floating around in their own little world, with no thought of the consequences to others.

Well, it wasn’t the best end to a wonderful trip.  But, it was a great trip, and our last day was very nice.  I surely like it when we can get a late flight out, and can spend half a day at one of the parks. 
It was a great, well needed, endlessly enjoyable trip.  We had wonderful weather, light crowds, and plenty of Disney class service.  And that one bedroom at OKW amazed me.

I still will put up my first times list, but this section is too long already.


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