RMNAAFA's List Of Fat Friendly Health Care Professionals In Denver

There is no doubt that the effects of being fat on a person's health have been greatly exaggerated.  How unhealthy it is to be fat is a matter of some debate.  But, there can be no debate that a lack of access to effective medical care makes it more difficult to maintain good health.  On the other hand, constant harassment and uncomfortable conditions encourage no one to see their doctor.  What a fat person really needs is a health care professional who will treat them with respect and tolerance.  Someone who will give them the same careful medical care that they would give to any patient, without judgment or lectures.  The point of this page is to provide a list of health care professionals in the Denver area who have proven to be understanding of a fat person's health needs.  Particularly, these professionals are known to provide fat person's health care in a non judgmental environment.  Note that we have expanded the list beyond doctors to include other health care professionals.

This is not a medical referral.  This is merely a list of health care professionals who have shown some tolerance and understanding of the needs of their fat patients.  Many factors must go into choosing a health care professional, but this list lets you include a known sensitivity to fat patients as one of the factors in making your choice.

We are just beginning to collect this list for the Denver area.  If you have recommendations of a health care professional in the Denver area who are fat friendly please recommend them with our fat friendly health care professionals form.

This list is being collected by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (RMNAAFA).  Consequently, this list is concentrating on the Denver area and the front range.  Our parent organization (NAAFA) has a similar list on their web page.

Dr. Tambra Woods (Internal medicine)
Front Range Internal Medicine
499 E. Hampden  Suite 400 (right next door to Swedish Hospital)
Englewood, CO 80110

There are several fat friendly benches in the waiting room.  They are fine with not weighing you but will need a weight estimate.  There is valet parking available but if you park in the right parking garage there is a bridge directly to the building which makes it pretty easy to get there.  This doctor was recommended by Angela.  You can e-mail Angela if you have any questions.

Dr. Karen Ordelhide (Family Practice)
Kaiser Clinic, Westminster

I like her because she only ever mentions my weight when I bring it up.  I have made my desire about not dieting clear and she has respected that.  She also told me that she would never be willing to suggest pills or surgery for weight loss.  She told me if that's what I'm looking for to find another doctor.  From what I know about her schooling, she attended a university (can't recall), but I know that it was a Seventh Day Adventist school, which means that they are heavy on nutrition and exercise as opposed to finding the next great pill.  This doctor was recommended by Jess.

Dr. Janet Brown
Kaiser Clinic, Lakewood

I always see a female doctor.  She is very respectful, sees the relationship between patient and doctor as a partnership of equals mediated by dialogue, and she's not fat-phobic.  This doctor was recommended by Jan Marie Belle.

Susan Relihan
Quantum Enlightening
303 758-9551

Susan Relihan is not a doctor, but a certified massage therapist.  Quantum Enlightening provides certified massage therapy, catering to fat folks. Susan Relihan is the proprietor. She provides a safe, private location for fat people. The robes are extra large and the table is super sturdy. Even a supersize BBW, can feel completely at ease - and Susan is great at what she does.

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