RMNAAFA's Fat Friendly Health Care Professional Form

Thanks for helping us to compile a list of fat friendly health care professionals in the Denver area. Please fill out the form below, then hit the send button:

First, some details about the health care professional:
Area Of Specialty:
Doctor?Yes No
Address (Street or Clinic):
Town Or Neighborhood:
Phone Number:

Then some other details about the practice and environment:
Fat Friendly Seating?Yes No
Distance of parking to reception:
Large Size Blood Cuffs?Yes No
Fat Friendly Staff?Yes No

Please give us any comments you would like included. In particular, why would you consider this health care professional to be fat friendly?

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Comments about this form can be directed toward the web master.

Note that our chapter's parent organization (NAAFA) also has a set of guidelines for health workers which is very useful to pass on to your health care provider, and may help you decide what it means to have fat friendly health care.

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