RMNAAFA Member Spotlight: Angela Dutro

Angela Dutro has been a member of our national association since 1995 and a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter since it was re organized in 1999. She first learned about NAAFA from a short news clip about the 1992 national convention. When she later subscribed to the fat friendly magazine "Radiance" in 1995 she saw more information about NAAFA and joined. When our Rocky Mountain Chapter was started up again Angela was named Secretary. She was elected Secretary for the year 2000 and again for the year 2001. Angela has not only been a valuable member of our board but she has also helped a great deal with the planning of our dances, Halloween parties, pool parties and other events RMNAAFA has had. She has also attended the last two nation conventions, bring back valuable information for our young chapter.

Angela enjoys crafts and ceramics. Angela made the fun "spider pops" that were given out at the 1999 Halloween party. She is the artist behind "Rocky Mountain Rita". Rocky Mountain Rita is a pen and ink rendition of a BBW. We plan on using this image in future advertising for our dances. Rocky Mountain Rita was used in our last newsletter to highlight our Halloween party.

Other interests of Angela include traveling, reading and singing. Angela traveled to Hawaii in 1997 when "Radiance" magazine used to sponsor tours for its readers. She found this a wonderful way to travel as "Radiance" made sure its' plus size travelers had their needs met. Sadly "Radiance" no longer offers this service. An avid reader, her favorite authors are Tonya Huff, Dean Koontz and Steven King. Angela is our RMNAAFA singing star! I named her the karaoke Queen for her talent singing during the karaoke that we do so much of at our parties. Her interest in music is wide. She enjoys Country, Rock, Oldies, Opera and some Rap ("Salt 'n Pepper" type, not gangster rap). Angela also performed at the 2000 NAFA national convention during the Talent Show. She sang "The Woman in Me' and was outstanding! I got choked up watching my friend and fellow NAAFA member pour her heart out during her performance. She did us all proud!

Angela has lived in the Denver Metro area all her life. Her earlier years were spent in Sheridan and then she moved to Littleton in 1989 where she lives today. Angela attended Columbine High School and sadly lives close enough to the school that she heard the gun shoots during the shootings there in April of 1999. Angela is employed at RAD Tech as a bookkeeper. Angela is part of a very close knit family and plays a large role in the care of her four year old nephew.

Angela is glad she found NAAFA in 1995 and has felt that being a member of the local chapter has given her a lot of personal growth. Having made so many new friends within our chapter Angela feels it has helped take away some of the shame she once felt about being fat. Witnessing how other fat people live helped illustrate to her how we have the same rights in life as smaller people, we just require more room. This has helped her realize the world should accommodate her and not the other way around. I think this is true for many of us that have not been around too many other large people in our life. It is always good to have others with similar situations to look to and learn from. What better place for people of size then our local chapter.

Angela has been very active at the local level and is an important factor in our success. We are lucky to have her as a member and officer and lucky she has wanted to continue on in a leadership role of our chapter.

The Member Spotlight column is the work of Patti Kelly.

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