RMNAAFA's Member Spotlights

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance (RMNAAFA) has the great good fortune to have a teriffic newsletter. One of the great features of this newsletter are the well-written and informative "Member Spotlights". We thought it would be worthwhile to include the material from the member spotlights here on the webpage..
Jan Marie Belle
Jan Andrus
Joe Obrin
Margaret Mary Short

Janet Severe
Patti Kelly

Pattie Pierce-Phillips and George Phillips
Dina Marroquin
Margaret Kent-Hanby
Jeff Stripling
Angela Dutro
Debi Nault
JeanMarie Olivieri
Debbie Brown
Jessica Warner
Lida Mojar
 Don Wright
MaryAnn Leighton

Michael Cryer
Linda Lambott

The Member Spotlight column is the work of Patti Kelly.

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