RMNAAFA Member Spotlight: Janet Severe

Janet Sereve keeps herself very busy. She is a 28-year veteran, working full time as a machinist at the Coors Tek (formerly Coors Ceramics, formerly Coors Porcelain). But her true love is horses and she has her own horse breeding business. Her home in Fort Lupton also serves as headquarters of her business, MaresPlus. There she has plenty of room for her two horses, momma horse Tardy and baby horse Tootsie and her business. MaresPlus is an equine breeding consultant service to help the first time or novice breeders. Janet has been breeding horses for 25 years and has extensive knowledge on the subject. She is able to walk a new breeder through the process from start to finish. Her website is located at www.MaresPlus.com. There you can get a feel of all that is involved with horse breeding.

Janet's mare had a foal earlier this spring. The birth of a new horse has kept her running between work, home and Colorado State University veterinary care. Bringing a foal into the world as healthy as possible is hard work. Having seen the pictures of her new horse Tootsie, it was worth it! She is a cutie!

Janet was born in Evanston, IL and lived there until she was 8 years old while her father attended Northwestern University. The family then moved to Golden and Janet graduated from Golden High School. She loves to read and has the uncanny ability to read as fast up side down as most people do right side up! Neat parlor trick huh!?

Like many of us, Janet followed Kerri Smiths' articles in the Denver Post. For those of you that aren't familiar with Kerri and her work, she is a journalist formerly with the Denver Post. She took a leave of absence to move to Los Angeles and follow a weight reduction program offered at UCLA. Every other Sunday the Post published an article by Kerri relating her trials and tribulations. In one of these articles Kerri mentioned NAAFA and gave a local contact number. This was Janet's first look into the world of size acceptance and NAAFA.

Janet became a member of RMNAAFA in 1999 and joined national this spring. But she did have some trepidation about NAAFA in the beginning. It seemed like a radical concept, accepting fat. I am sure many of us have come from the same starting place. Society has is so ingrained with the idea of riding ourselves of fat at any cost, how could there possibly be a group of people that actually wanted acceptance of fat? With an open mind she gave RMNAAFA a try and soon found a new home here.

Always one to explore the realm of self-help and growth she gave NAAFA a try. The acceptance of her self has grown and her acceptance of others has grown too. She loves the social side of NAAFA and all the fun events we get together and do. For Janet, the friendships made here are what really stand out for her. I would agree with her. There is no place better then NAAFA to find others that you can readily relate to. Coming from similar experiences and having shared similar pains, we find a special bond with our NAAFA friends. Janet is truly a giving, loving person. RMNAAFA is richer because of her presence.

The Member Spotlight column is the work of Patti Kelly.

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