RMNAAFA Member Spotlight: Jeff Stripling

Born and raised in the Denver area, Jeff Spripling was brought up by his BBW mother in a way that he felt no shame over his size. His personal self-acceptance has been with him from day one. In joining NAAFA in 1995 he hopes that fat acceptance can become more common place. Like Margaret Kent-Hanby, Jeff first heard about NAAFA while watching Geraldo. This was the same show that had Conrad Blinckenstorfer (editor of Dimensions and BBW magazine) and his wife Ruby on speaking about fat acceptance and about Conrad being a "FA" or "Fat Admirer". Later he saw former RMNAAFA member Sandy Sabo on Nine News speaking about NAAFA and decided to become a member. Jeff has been to two national conventions and has participated in a very visible fashion at the local level.

 Jeff is a graduate of Hinkely High School and later a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art with a Music/Video Business degree. Jeff is a partner in a video production business that films all sorts of events from mitzvahs to weddings. Jeff works as an independent videographer for the business and referrals have taken their business as far away as California. Jeff was able to videotape the vigil RMNAAFA held for Anamarie Martinez-Regino on September 14th at the State Capitol. Jeff also has another small business that publishes all the original music used by the video production company.

 Jeff enjoys RMNAAFA and being around other big people. He never has let his size stop him from doing what he loves in life. Jeff is in a bowling league, he loves to rollerblade, has a passion for white water rafting and would love to skydive one day. He enjoys reading and is mostly drawn to Sci-fi but is currently reading "Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America" by David Hatcher Childress. Jeff also enjoys music with Prince (the artist formerly know asâ€|) being his all time favorite. Those of us that know Jeff know of his love for movies. He often goes to as many as three a week and even saw 4 different films at the theater in one day. If he really likes a film he will see it multiple times. Like most guys, action films remain his favorite but Jeff is also an art house buff. Two of the films on his favorite list are "Farewell My Concubine" and "Like Water for Chocolate".

 Jeff's love of life is clearly evident in the highly expressive way he lives his life. Jeff is always the life of the party and always the one entertaining us at pool parties with his back flips and his ability to swim under water for extended lengths of time. Jeff is warm and welcoming to all he meets and presents fat people in a good light to all that met him. His zeal for living is contagious and his warmth and friendship always welcome. Clearly Jeff Spripling is another bright star of RMNAAFA.

The Member Spotlight column is the work of Patti Kelly.

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