Linda has written a first person self introduction, so we are passing that straight along as her spotlight.

I was born in Oskaloosa, IA. in December of 1951.  My family (mother, father and 3 brothers) moved to Colorado when I was 10 years old due to my mother's health (which I might add, she is very healthy today because of the move).  I live in Aurora and have lived in the Denver area for most of my adult life.  I had lived on the western slope (Montrose) for 2 years and in Arizona (Cottonwood) for 3 years.  I had moved to these areas because my husband had been transferred.  I moved back to the Denver area after my divorce and hope I never have to move again!  I have 3 children.  My oldest daughter and son are both married and my youngest daughter is engaged and plans to be married next summer.  I have 3 grandchildren, a grandson (8) and granddaughter (4) from my oldest daughter who lives in Arizona and a "brand new" grandson from my son who lives here in Aurora.

I have worked for the same company, First Data Corporation, for the past 15 years.  I have worked different jobs within the company.  At the present, I am a training coordinator.  I train agents on Western Union equipment throughout the US and Canada.  I also trouble shoot if they are having problems.

I have many interests.  I enjoy sports (football, baseball, hockey and basketball), reading, watching movies (whether at home or the theater) and love playing card and board games with family and friends.  Another interest is swimming!!  This lead to my membership with RMNAAFA.  My dearest and best friend (MaryAnn) had been chatting online with a member or NAAFA (Patti) who had invited her to an upcoming pool party.  She said she wanted to go and wanted me to go with her.  Which  I am very happy that I did.  We found a wonderful group of people who were (and still are) very friendly and welcoming....and like the name states.....very "accepting" of people no matter size, shape, color or physical abilities.  I want to thank you all for making me welcome and letting me be apart of this wonderful group of people.

The Member Spotlight column is the work of Patti Kelly.

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