RMNAAFA Member Spotlight: Margaret Kent-Hanby

Margaret Kent-Hanby came to find NAAFA while she and her mother watched Geraldo. Conrad Blinckenstorfer (editor of Dimensions and BBW magazine) and his wife Ruby were on speaking about fat acceptance and about Conrad being a "FA" or "Fat Admirer". Margaret and her Mother wrote to NAAFA to get more information and joined soon after. It was around that time RMNAAFA was first in existence and they were active members then. When JeanMarie Olivieri rejuvenated RNMNAAFA in February of 1999, she again became a local member.

 NAAFA has become a big part of Margaret's life and she was happy to take on the challenge of being our Treasurer this year. She has also attended all but one national convention since she joined NAAFA in 1990. She has a bit of luck at these conventions, as she always seems to win a good deal of the raffles. Last year she won the prize of having her registration for this years convention paid for. Dina Marroquin won it this year. I guess we could say our chapter has been lucky with the national raffles!

 Margaret was born in Grants, New Mexico but her family moved back to Colorado six weeks later. She lived in Arvada twice, Boulder and Ft Collins all before the age of five. Then the family moved to Fort Morgan where she lived until she was eighteen. She graduated from Fort Morgan High School whose most famous graduate is Glenn Miller. Margaret moved to Greeley to continue her education at the University of Northern Colorado in 1977. She graduated in 1982 with a BA in Geography and a minor in Earth Science. She has also attended Travel Trade School and Aims Community College, where in 1987 she received an Associate of Applied Science degree as a Legal Secretary. Margaret is currently taking classes to update her computer skills.

 Margaret loves to travel and has been to 46 states and parts of Canada. She has an interest in History and genealogy. Her Great Great Great Grandfather and his family followed Horace Greeley's advice for western migration. They came west and were members of the Union Colony with Nathan Meeker. Union Colony formed what is the present day Greeley.

 Margaret was a skinny child whose weight gains began after taking hormones to help with menstrual pain. She was very fortunate to not have struggles with family over her size. She had only one flirtation with an attempt at weight loss. She sought help at a mental health center for hypnosis. It was worthless as far as weight loss but Margaret learned self-hypnosis, which she has found helpful in relaxation.

 Margaret has had a lot of fun being an officer this year and looks forward to being involved in the future. She has often treated our members at monthly meeting with Easter baskets and Valentine's Day treats. She even had a special cake made up for the first anniversary of RMNAAFA. Her mind is like a steel trap, which makes her a true whiz at Trivial Pursuit.

 Margaret has a kind and quiet nature. She enjoys sitting back and watching but when she has strong feelings about something she speaks her mind. She has been active on her own with letter writing when she feels fat people are presented poorly. In officers meeting she offers much to our planning and principles. She is truly what helps to make up the backbone of RMNAAFA.

The Member Spotlight column is the work of Patti Kelly.

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