RMNAAFA Member Spotlight: Pattie Pierce-Phillips and George Phillips

Pattie and George found NAAFA a few years back when she won a free trip to Las Vegas. She wanted some advise about air travel for people of size and national NAAFA was a good resource. When our chapter started up last year Pattie joined right away, offering many ideas for fundraising and parties. Her father has allowed us to use his home twice for garage sales which helped our chapter raise over 300 dollars. George joined RMNAAFA with Pattie this year and we couldn't be happier. It has been great seeing his smiling face more and his helping hand is always welcomed.

 Pattie and George have been a couple for 15 years and married for the last 6 years. When George asked for her hand Pattie asked two things of him. The first was that he write her a poem on either her birthday or their anniversary each year. The second was that he make her laugh every single day of their lives. Now Pattie has a notebook crammed full of poetry and everyday he tells her some "very lame but hilarious" joke. They hope that someday they might get into the Guinness book of records for being married in the most places. They plan to renew their vows at the pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, Mt. Rushmore, the Taj Mahal, and the White Cliffs of Dover and about 50 other places. Their favorite will be a real "tacky" Elvis wedding in Vegas! Complete with blue suede shoes, white rhinestone jumpsuits and sideburns! Elvis will of course preside over the ceremony and Pattie says we are all invited! Sounds like a road trip to me! George is probably glad to renew their vows so often. He had to wait two years to marry her after she said yes. Seems she had a bet with half her senior high school class that she would still be single at their 10-year reunion. I sure hope they collected on that bet!

 Pattie is a native of Denver and grew up close to our favorite RMNAAFA water park, Water World. She is a self-taught fantasy artist having won 75 awards and ribbons for her work. Pattie provided the artwork for two children's books, "Fractures in Rhyme" and "Oceans of Color". In 1997 the Denver Area Science Fiction Association named Pattie "Best Fan Artist". Recently a cross-stitch company contacted Pattie to have her art used on their patterns. Along with her fantasy art she is also well know for her wildlife art and has won awards for the fantasy art dolls she created. Pattie was kind enough to donate some sketches to RMNAAFA. They were used in several 1999 newsletters. Her artwork can be seen at the following website.

 George is also a native of Denver and currently works in Blackhawk at the Colorado Central Station Casino. In the past he helped build several golf courses in the area and has also done commercial work. A friend of theirs was dating a talent agent and thought George would be perfect as a "tuff" guy in a commercial. He still gets called to do commercials every once and awhile. George has been in a total of seven commercials including a teaser for the movie "Con Air", one for Metro Brokers, Round the Corner Restaurants, Habitat for Humanity and one for Pay-Per-View that Pattie did with him! I guess we should al keep it a secret what a nice guy George is since he got all this commercial work as a "tuff" guy!

 George and Pattie have pitched in and helped our RMNAAFA whenever asked. It is the continued work of our grass root members like Pattie and George that make RMNAAFA strong. Their talents and participation help RMNAAFA reach new heights. Every member enables us to grow stronger. Pattie and George have helped our chapter grow stronger and have added to the rich diversity this chapter is blessed with.

The Member Spotlight column is the work of Patti Kelly.

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