RMNAAFA seemed to spring back to life in the summer of 2006. Unfortunately, the web page has not kept up. Although this page is in need of a major overhaul, this little section is going to quickly bring you up to date.

We have been to several Denver area restaurants for lunch in spring, summer, and fall of 2006, including Jus Cookin and Jack N Grill. We had a lunch at Jan's (one of our members) house. And, we went to Cosmic Bowling! Here is a little web page regarding our Cosmic Bowling Event.

There will be more lunches coming up soon. In addition, we will be going bowling again, trying a night out at a karaoke place, and going to a local comedy club.

But, the big event, of course, will be our Halloween Party. This is always the main event of our year, when we get to see everyones creative side, have lots of laughs, and just have fun.

The party this year will be on Saturday, October 28 from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. It is a little earlier than in past years, and the location has changed. It will be in a private room at the Capabilities store, 6805 West 88th Avenue in Westminster. This is in a shopping area in Westminster, just off 88th Avenue. The most noticeable things on this block are the Black Eyed Pea and On The Border. If you see those while driving down 88th, you are in the right area. The store is somewhat northeast of those two restaurants.

Wear your best Halloween Costume and bring some snacks to share.

The old announcements (of upcoming events) are here, and the old reports on our activities are still here. Some of this stuff is dated, and should be updated shortly. The best way, by far, to keep up on this group nowadays is to join the e-mail list.


Current officers of Rocky Mountain NAAFA are:

Janet Severe
Vice-Chair: Sheri Goodwin
Secretary/Treasurer and Librarian: Margaret Kent Hanby
Webmaster: Joe Obrin

Our new press contact is Carmen Cool She can also be reached at her office number, which is 303-440-5775.

The membership person is Angela Dutro.

Upcoming Events

A lot happened at the annual business meeting of RMNAAFA in October of 2004. Here are some notes from the 2004 business meeting. But, we will summarize the most important highlights here.

There was considerable discussion about the future of the chapter, if we would try to keep a viable chapter of NAAFA in the Denver area, and, if so, how we would go about doing this. The members would rather see the chapter continue in a reduced mode than to go out of existence.

The local chapter dues will continue to be $1 per year. We will start charging a fee for (most) events.

We shall be striving to maintain our Internet presence. So, look to this web page an our mailing list to keep you informed of chapter get togethers, progress, and activism. If you are not on the e-mail list yet, see below, or send mail to the list administrator.

We may be going bowling again soon. We are looking into a time and place. Keep an eye on this website for more information. You can still check out information on our past and upcoming dances and parties on the Rocky Mountain NAAFA Dance Page.

We had been mounting a new print campaign to raise the profile of our chapter, and to spread the word about fat acceptance. This campaign has stalled at this point, and will need an enthusiastic facilitator to investigate how we can get the word out. Any volunteers? We were hoping to create more striking visuals and text to capture peoples attention, and make them aware that there are alternatives to dieting and negative body image. We had been showcasing some of the options here on the web page before making a final selection. Exactly how to get this material out to the public would be something the facilitator would need to investigate. Our main idea so far is to get the flyers unto public bulletin boards like those at the grocery stores, and counters at sympathetic retail stores.

We are occasionally going to be having events at Debi Nault's clubhouse. This clubhouse is a little farther up north, to make it easier for our friends in the northern part of the state. It is another great facility, and we are lucky to have access to it.

To get to this clubhouse, head north on I-25 to exit 259 (Crossroads Blvd) Turn left and go under the highway. Turn right (north) on the west frontage road. Continue north approximately 2 miles. There is a subdivision on the left. There's only one subdivision there. Turn left at the entrance. The subdivision is named Mountain Range Shadows. Turn right on the first road. The clubhouse is not too far on the left. There's a lot of parking. Also, there is lodging nearby for those who don't want to have to leave really early. Her clubhouse is very spacious and has a beautiful commons area around the pool. If anybody wants more details, contact Margaret Kent Hanby.

Often, we hold business meetings at theEnglewood Library. The library is located one block north of Hampden Ave (Highway 285) and one block East of Santa Fe (Highway 85) just off of Inca Street. The library is located in the Englewood Civic Center Building on the lower level. This is the only building that remains of the old Cinderella City shopping mall and is adjacent to the light rail stop. There is covered parking right next to the building.

We sometimes have a swim event atLilly Gulch Recreation Center. The recreation center is located at 6147 S. Holland Way in Littleton. To get there, from the intersection of Wadsworth and Bowles (location of Southwest Plaza Mall) Head west on Bowles to S. Holland Way (.7 miles). This is the traffic light before reaching Kipling. Turn south (left) on Holland Way. You will pass two stop signs within this residential neighborhood. Just after the second stop sign (.5 miles) is the parking lot for Lilley Gulch Recreation center. Enter through front door and front desk attendant will direct you to the locker rooms.

We may be going back to Water World again next summer. Here's some information on our previous Water World trips. Come along next year for a terrific time!

In future letter writing campaigns, we will be targeting both local and national companies that help contribute to fat bigotry and stereotypes. It's likely that we will again coordinate these campaigns through our chapter meetings. Bring your pens, paper, and wits.

Reports on Activities

The University of Colorado at Boulder hosted some size positive speakers as part of Body Appreciation Month in March (2005). On Wednesday, March 9th, at 6 p.m. Doctor Jonathan Robison spoke about Health At Any Size. On Thursday, March 10th, at 5 p.m., Fat Activist (and author of Fat!So?) Marilyn Wann spoke.

Though this was not an RMNAAFA event, some of us were there to show our support and learn from these accomplished size positive folks. Here is a short web page about Marilyns talk.

You can now check out information on our past and upcoming dances and parties on the Rocky Mountain NAAFA Dance Page.

The Halloween Party each year, just continues to be a hit! The last one, on Saturday, October 29, 2005, was another great party. The one before that, on Saturday, October 31, 2004, was a wonderful party. Back on Saturday October 25, 2003 we held another great Halloween Party. It was one fantastic event! RMNAAFA had another smashing Halloween Party in 2002. It was on Saturday, October 26. You can also check out the web page for all of our parties and dances.

RMNAAFA had a great Holiday Party on Saturday, December 8, 2001, at the Chatfield Crossings again. Here is a web page describing this great event. We had another wonderful Holiday Party in 2002. Check out its web page. Then, we had another great Holiday Party in 2003. We then had a smashing Holiday Party in 2004 (Saturday, December 11). And followed that up with another terrific Holiday Party in 2005 (Saturday, December 3).

We have had a couple of fun game nights, the most recent on Saturday, March 13th, 2004. Here are some photos from our March, 2003 game night. Here is a little report and photos for our March, 2004 Game Night.

At a chapter meeting not too long ago, we talked about the Top Ten Reasons To Give Up Dieting. I have posted this short but powerful list here.

In November of 2004, RMNAAFA gave a guest talk at a course at Metro State College to provide a size positive perspective to an eating disorders class. According to Carmen Cool, who gave the presentation, "I think it went really well. They were very engaged and interested in becoming professionals who could fight size-based prejudice. ".

In what may be considered a bit of activism, a group of us (Jean Marie Olivierie, Jan Marie Belle, Joe Obrin, Janet Severe, and Margaret Mary Short were interviewed by 9 News (Denver), by their Doctor Stephanie. The piece aired on Friday, November 14th.

We had the chance to talk about the concept of fat acceptance, what some of our issues were, and what we have done as a group to help support and advocate people of size.

In point of fact, the story that finally aired was less than perfect. Although some of our points were made, much of the best material was lost on the editing floor. In addition, of course, our air time was shared with a nutritionist (diet broker), and a woman with a diet club.

This could be excused as “fair reporting” if, in fact, the principal was universally applied. But, how many times is a new diet or exercise craze reported (promoted) without the slightest mention of the possible deleterious side effects?

It is also hard not to be annoyed by the diet broker being allowed to refer to fat acceptance as “giving up”, without being challenged. In fact, the reporter asked us whether fat acceptance was “giving up”. Three of us gave three very solid answers. And yet, none of these answers made it into the final report. (BTW, giving up is putting off living your life until you loose weight, instead of having the bravery to live your life right now).

I could rant and rave for a while about this report. But, believe it or not, I think that it was a good thing overall. It was not realistic to expect a fair, balanced report that told what RMNAAFA and fat acceptance are really about. But, consider the fact that there are a huge number of people in the Denver area who have now heard about fat acceptance and about our group for the first time. Of course, they also heard the tired old diet nonsense in the same report. But, they have heard that all before. One more time hearing the tired old diet nonsense will not make a difference. But, hearing the fat acceptance message for the first time just might. Maybe one person is coming to this web page for the first time because of this report. If that is true, and that person wants to hear the real story, the true story, about our group, they are welcome to come to any of our events or meetings. They can ask the questions that were not asked on TV (or, better the questions whose answers were never seen). Then, they can make up their own minds.

In a bit of activism, Margaret Mary Short (Maggie) gave a talk to an upper level sociology class at Regis University on October 5, 2003. Maggie reports that it went very well. It was a small class but very involved. They had come prepared with a lot of questions and seemed genuinely interested. We will be filling a more detailed report here shortly.

One of our bits of activism occurred when RMNAAFA was asked to give a presentation on fat acceptance as part of Eating Disorders week on the CU Boulder Campus. Leslie Curtis, Joe Obrin, JeanMarie Olivieri, and Margaret Mary Short led the discussion. The presentation was on Friday March 2, 2001, at 1 p.m..

Leslie began the talk with an introduction/discussion about NAAFA and fat discrimination. She talked briefly about self acceptance and then introduced Joe. He talked about the health aspects of fat/weight loss. Then JeanMarie spoke about body image, where it comes from, and then talked about fat acceptance as a new paradigm. Then Margaret spoke about the 3 tools for fat acceptance, self support and ways to increase self esteem, media resources, and community support.

The presentation was extremely well received. The audience asked some very interesting and well-thought out questions.

Perhaps the best part of it was the young women that came up to us at the end to thank us for coming. And the woman who runs the women's center didn't have enough nice to say. She has already asked us to come back in October to give the talk again.

Click here for a portion of this Fat Acceptance Presentation.

On of our recent activism activity involved a vigil held for AnaMarie Martinez. Here is some information about this disturbing case.

As a gentle bit of activism, Radiance magazine is trying to get their magazine into doctor's and other health care professional's waiting rooms. It's a great idea. Go to the Radiance web page to give them the name and address of your doctor, and they'll send him a complimentary copy.

We are proud of our participation in the2000 NAAFA national convention. Check out some pictures and our members reports from this great event!

RMNAAFA participated in the 2001 National Convention of NAAFA. Read Patti's report on the 2001 National Convention here.

We were also proud to be a part of the 1999 National Convention. Check out our report!

We have twice rented the Lilly Gulch Recreation Center's Pool (in Littleton) for our private use. We had a great time in he water. It is so pleasant to have this very nice pool to ourselves. It won't be long before we do something like this again.

RMNAAFA helped to man the phone bank for Channel 6 (KRMA, Rocky Mountain PBS) for their membership Festival (2001). We worked on Sunday March 18th from 8:30am-1:30pm.

We had the chance to work during a wonderful show, Nick Stellino cooking live in our studio. (Host of "Family Kitchen").

As Margaret Mary said:

"I had a great time doing the phone bank too!! Thanks to everyone that made it happen for us! I think we got some good publicity and at least one fellow volunteer that sound interested in learning more about our group...I'm betting that now that we're in their system as a group, we'll get a heads up to sign up sooner and might have a choice of programs and times next time we do this. I'm assuming most of us want to do it again, especially if it wasn't a Sunday morning show. If not, I'm just going to go volunteer by myself. The shopping opportunity alone is worth it.

All in all, I think we got pretty lucky....Nick was cute and charming, and the food was great. The staff was nice and helpful. Considering we were a last minute addition, I'm grateful we got the show we did.

Kudos to everyone who gave up their sunday to give us such a good turn out!"

A handful of us from RMNAAFA sailed together on a Disney Cruise combined with a Disney World vacation! We set sail in March of 2001. Read more about RMNAAFA's great Disney Cruise here!

Here are some photos from our June 2000 chapter meeting which just go to show that even at just plain chapter meetings, we end up having a pretty good time!

Also in the lighthearted spirit, here are some comments about our Chapter BBQ on June 17, 2000. Here is a page regarding our Second Chapter BBQ. And here are some pictures from our 2000 Holiday Party.

We also had a great time at our Holiday Dinner Outing in 2000. Leslie, Margaret Mary, Margaret K-H, Patti, Joe, Debbie, and Nick, and I all went out for good food and great friends! As Leslie observed:

"We went to Gasho of Japan, which is pretty much just like Benihana's. The chefs cook right on your table and put on a little performance, swinging salt and pepper shakers around, flipping food into the air, etc. Nick seemed to enjoy it the most, except when he was attacked by a lobster tail. He looked like he was about to dive out the window when that thing came after him!

After dinner the four single girls went for dessert at the Claim Jumper restaurant (Gasho ran out of dessert!) We had four of the most gigantic desserts you have ever seen. Margaret K-H got a piece of chocolate cake big enough to feed ten people! I had a fantastic time and am looking forward to next year! We missed everyone that wasn't able to make it. Hopefully you'll all join us next year!"

In November, 2000, RMNAAFA had a bowling outing to--where else?--FAT CITY? We had a terrific time, and put together a short web page about our Fat City excursion. We went back on March 3, 2002. Here is a web page about our second Fat City outing. If you want more information about Fat City, here is Fat City's own web page.

We went bowling again down at the AMF Aurora Lanes in September of 2002. Here is a web page about this great outing.

RMNAAFA had a great evening at Dave And Buster's Mystery Dinner Theater! The night we attended was Friday, September 15th, 2000. This Mystery Theater is presented at a show room at Dave And Buster's complex in Westminster. The show consists of a murder mystery in three acts, and a meal in three courses. A prize is given to the table that cracks the mystery. The menu consisted of Chicken wellington with sun dried tomatoes or Stuffed salmon crown with Sherdinay or Cream Sauce. The food was excellent, the service nearly perfect, and the show was a blast!

Five actors play out a murder mystery and your table tries to solve it. The RMNAAFA table which had Debbie and Joe Obrin, Jan Marie and Patti Kelly, solved it correctly! Another table did too so they sort of "drew names" and the prize went to the other table. They say they rarely have ties. To help solve the mystery each actors come by your table at the end and you get to interrogate them. It was fun to see how well they stayed in character even during that. Some of the tables (including the other RMNAAFA table) got to have one of the characters sit and eat dinner with them. The actors stay in character through the meal as well.

After the show, we enjoyed Dave And Buster's midway, which has a huge selection of video and arcade games for all tastes.

We went back again on Saturday, March 9, 2002. It was a completely different play this time, but we recognized many of the actors from the old troop. We had a great time again (the prime rib as excellent), but failed to solve the mystery.

RMNAAFA had an essay contest with the winner to receive 100 dollars toward their national convention registration. Here are the official rules used for the contest. We received 4 entries and the judges found each of them heart felt and well written. They had a hard time picking a winner but after thoughtful consideration picked the essay titled "Coming Home" by Angela Dutro the winner! Congratulations Angela! Leslie Curtis, JeanMarie Olivieri, and VL Brunton all received honorable mention and have been awarded a boxed pen and pencil set. Over the next several months, readers of the chapter newsletter will be treated to four excellent essays.

Weconducted a letter-writing campaign opposing the legislation contained in HR 3177 IH. This odious legislation has the United States government encouraging the harassment of fat people in the workplace and at the doctor's office! Among other things, it actually suggests workplace interventions aimed at humiliating fat people at work. Here are more details on the bill, and a summary of our reasons for opposing it. RMNAAFA sent letters to the members of the Subcommittee on Health and Environment, both as a group, and as individual members.

RMNAAFA has also recently helped out in the letter writing campaign being conducted to influence the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to pass regulations which make will make it safe for a person of size to drive an automobile. According to current regulations, car manufacturers are only required to make seat belts that fit a 215 pound person. Certain manufacturers, notably Honda, have refused to make seat belt extensions available. It is hoped that changing this national requirement will force Honda to provide extensions.

Elizabeth Fisher, a member of National NAAFA, started her focus on Honda last year. She hopes to get 215 letters sent as a symbol of the 215 pound standard now in place. RMNAAFA sent 14 letters for this cause. She has updated the list on her webpage of people who have mailed letters with all of our names! We are numbers 53-66! Elizabeth has posted a sample letter on her site. Everyone is encouraged to visit her site and mail their own letter.

Speaking of car companies, how offensive do you have to be to sell cars? If you've seen Kia's campaign running in early 2001, you know what we mean. Read the text of the letter RMNAAFA sent to Kia regarding this offensive campaign. Don't hesitate to write Kia yourself.

Not all activist activities involve objecting to things we see that need changing. Sometimes, it is just as important to acknowledge the (unfortunately rare) positive image of fat people in the media. One such rare opportunity presented itself with the recent Bijan perfume adds, featuring a BBW. As a chapter, we wrote a letter, and here is the great response we received from Bijan

Another such opportunity presented itself in Crystal Light's recent ad campaign. Check out our correspondence with Crystal Light.

On May 6, 2000, RMNAAFA participated in International No Diet Day (INDD) by joining the national organization's (NAFAA's) campaign to "feed the involuntarily hungry". We collected food for distribution to the hungry in Colorado. Here is a brief summary of the success of our INDD efforts.

In the summer of 2000, we had four separate outings to Water World! In 2001, we had even more trips! We always have such a good time that there will be more next year. We have found the water park to be very fat friendly. There were many other people of size enjoying the fun at Water World. The employees were helpful and accommodating. Water World is located about 1 1/2 miles north of Highway 36 at Pecos and 88th Ave. Visit the Water World website for a better idea of what this is all about.

We have had several great pool parties at the Crossings at Chatfield Clubhouse. Great BBQ and covered dishes and an enjoyable afternoon in a nearly private pool are followed by an evening of Karaoke and board games. And, of course, the type of wonderful silliness that generally happens when RMNAAFA gets together to party. Don't be surprised if we have more of these next summer.

On February 25th to the 27th, 2000, RMNAAFA made an excursion to Glenwood Springs. The trip was such a success that there is talk of making it an annual event! Check out our Glenwood Springs trip report!

We had a wonderful outing to Ed Debevic's, Dave and Buster's, and the United Artists Theater on April 15th, 2000. The 50's style diner was a big hit, with everything from Atomic Burgers to some very smooth shakes. Then, a bunch of us went next door to enjoy Fantasia 2000 on the IMAX screen. It is an awe inspiring film, and experiencing it in IMAX was breathtaking. Others opted for a traditional film at one of the other theaters. Then, a few of us invaded the giant arcade at Dave and Buster's. It was another great afternoon with our NAAFA buddies.

On Saturday March 11th, 2000, a small band of us attended the Boulder Dinner Theater's production of "Fiddler On The Roof". We had excellent seats, close enough to see into the orchestra pit. The production was quite good, by a very talented cast, especially the lead (Tevya). The food was good, albeit not exceptional, and the service was excellent.

Among other comments from those who attended were:

"It was fun. I really enjoyed the show....I liked the way they made maximum use of the space in the restaurant/theater to extend the stage space. Actors were coming and going off the front of the stage and through the aisles as well as off stage left and stage right. And I thought the leads were very talented. It was however, a little cramped. Hmm..kind of like an airline. The seats were fat-friendly (armless) but the tables weren't exactly. They were very narrow and the chairs were smooshed up together - side to side, and back to back - so elbow room was at a premium."

"First of all, I loved the show! It was so good....The seating, although cramped, was good. We were front and center, for the most part. I mean, front row. That was cool....They came and took dessert orders and then the show started. (Our waiter played the town Rabbi.) At intermission, the actors came off the stage and set about getting dessert orders out and refreshing coffee...Anyway, a good time was had by all."

On Thursday May 25th, 2000, the chapter had a wonderful social outing at the White Fence Farm in Lakewood. We all enjoyed the family-style chicken dinner, the gorgeous surroundings, the quaint shops, the animals in the petting Corral, and, of course, each other's company. It was a great time.

We went back again on Friday, May 26th, 2001. We again enjoyed the grounds, and the shops, and a couple of us even took a carriage ride. Nick discovered that there is a slide and an arcade here now. A great time was once more had by all.

And we went back again on Thursday, May 23, 2002. Once again, we all had a marvelous time.

You can find out more about the White Fence Farm from the White Fence Farm Website.

RMNAAFA participated in Love Your Body Day in 1999. This was an event on the Auraria Campus on Wednesday, September 22, 1999, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We made some interesting contacts, distributed NAAFA flyers, and participated in the open mike part of the program. It was a useful and uplifting experience.

In 2000, there was no fair, so we planned to participate by having a "house party", to view a video provided by NOW about this LYBD. The house party was at the home of Joe and Debbie Obrin. LYBD was on Wednesday, September 20, but we had the house party on Saturday, September 23. The video never materialized! Nonetheless, we took advantage of this opportunity to celebrate our own little community, and to relax in the warmth of each other's acceptance. We had a nice potluck, enjoying each other's company and conversation. We then followed up with a Trivial Pursuit game, during which Angela says she laughed so hard that her sides hurt, and in which Margaret left us all speechless with the amount of trivia she has mastered. It was a fun and worthwhile day, and certainly kept in the spirit of body image and fat acceptance.

In 2000, one of our members (JeanMarie Olivieri) participated in the Denver area Walk For Diabetes Besides supporting this very deserving cause, this lady demonstrated not only that a fat person's heart can be in the right place, but that a fat person can hit stride with the best of them. Kudos for a job well done.

On Friday, July 9th, 1999, our chapter president was interviewed on KOA radio. The topic was discrimination against fat people in the work force. This was prompted by a story about 15 fat ex-Naval officers suing the Navy for nonpayment of benefits after they were forced to leave the Navy for failing the fitness tests. JeanMarie represented our chapter and NAAFA well. She was confident, articulate, and poised. She made an excellent impression.

JeanMarie made the news again when she was interviewed by Kerri Smith at the Denver Post. The topic was Weight Loss Surgery. Here is the article that appeared in the Post, and some additional reactions on the subject (from our webmaster).

JeanMarie switched to the other side of the table, and wrote an article for The Colorado Woman News, which was published in their September issue. It was an article about body image (to support Love Your Body day). The article was entitled Body Image: Reality vs the Fun House Mirror. She also wrote a sidebar about NAAFA for inclusion with the article.

Colorado Woman News is a local paper that is distributed free at the Tattered cover, and other bookstores and coffee houses around town. It's also available through subscription.

Continuing in the literary vein, JeanMarie had a short story published in the most recent issue of Dimensions. That's the September 1999 issue. Check it out!

Also interacting with the local press was another of our members, Jan Marie Bell, who sent a very articulate letter to the editor of the Rocky Mountain News. The letter was in response to a RMN story entitled "The Latest in Fighting Fat". The article promoted yet another weight loss program. But Jan Marie's response was so well thought out that we have included it here.

Jan Marie also wrote a compelling article about Xenical, the new diet drug, for our chapter newsletter. She also posted it to our e-mail list, and gave us permission to include it here. It's definitely worth reading.

This summer we had two very successful pool parties, and an RMNAAFA day at Water World! That's right, we are not afraid to put on swimming suits! A great time was had by all.

RMNAAFA has had two great Halloween parties! Check out the pages about the 1999 Halloween party, the 2000 Halloween party, and the 2001 Halloween Party!

Check out a short summary and pictures from our second meeting, and our third meeting. Now we're past our fourth chapter meeting, and they continue to be smashing successes. Also, read about our participation in the "Take Back The Night" rally.

Besides the web page, our activities are being chronicled in ascrapbook by the chapter historian.

To really keep up with our stars, though, you might have to check out ourresource lending library. This library contains various tapes, books, and magazines that address fat acceptance issues, or that cover activism events in the fat acceptance community. Articles by our authors, and our personalities showing up at events have made it into this library. But, of course, we have included plenty of other great books, magazines, and tapes. This material will be loaned freely to RMNAAFA members and subscribers. Just contact the chapter librarian. Note that we are also accepting donations of fat acceptance oriented books, tapes, and magazines.

Mailing List

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In order to keep the list a friendly and exciting place to talk, and to assure that everyone can feel safe and comfortable expressing their feelings and opinions on the list, a content policy has been established for the list.

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Fat friendly businesses

We are compiling a list of fat friendly businesses in the Denver area. Feel free to send us information about your fat friendly business. And remember to tell them you saw them on the RMNAAFA web page!

Christine's UpScale Plus

New And Resale Plus Size
3890 Kipling
Hillside Plaza
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Christine's has new and resale plus size fashion for career, casual, & bridal. Come check us out and find that special party dress for the next dance.

Sherry's Just Plus

Near and Near New
6587 W Colfax Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214-1803

At Just Plus, they specialize in previously owned, good quality, clothes from career to casual in plus sizes 14 and up. They also carry new, specialty store clothes at Just Plus prices.

Sherry's has a special arrangement with Rocky Mountain NAAFA. If you have some plus size clothes in good condition that you don't need anymore, and would like to help out the cause of fat acceptance, take them down to Sherry's. Let them know that these items are for the Rocky Mountain NAAFA account. Then, proceeds from the sale of these items will go to Rocky Mountain NAAFA.

K's Lingerie And Etcetera

K's offers fabulous lingerie in sizes up to 4X.

Quantum Enlightening
303 758-9551

Quantum Enlightening provides certified massage therapy, catering to fat folks. Susan Relihan is the proprietor. She is not a doctor, but a certified massage therapist. Quantum Enlightening provides certified massage therapy, catering to fat folks. Susan Relihan is the proprietor. She provides a safe, private location for fat people. The robes are extra large and the table is super sturdy. Even a supersize BBW, can feel completely at ease - and Susan is great at what she does.

AHLF Posters

Posters, Art Prints, And Magnets

Member Mindy Sawyer has a business which sells various posters, art prints, and magnets. Be sure to check out the especially fat positive poster on this site.

Patricia Pierce-Phillips
Fantasy Artist
7689 Pecos St
Denver, CO 80221

If you've enjoyed the artwork that Patricia Pierce-Phillips has been including in our chapter newsletters, you should also check out her full color prints of the fantasy genre. Patti now has her own website, Trinity P Visions.


Patricia Pierce-Phillips is also involved in another project, the Libroman online comic book. Patti is the illustrator. Libroman is a nonviolent superhero from another planet. He uses his mind to solve problems & promotes education & reading! There's also an interactive part where kids can write their own episodes! Soon there will be some fat/chubby characters too! The website is aimed towards kids ages 6-12.

Contacting Rocky Mountain NAAFA

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e-mail webmaster
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